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The future is geo-metric, the future is Bracher Emden

It’s almost non-stop for Richard Emden and his amazing team at Bracher Emden, since our last communication back in December Bracher Emden have been working very hard on some more fabulous designs for the SS12 collection. (now launched online)

The image above showcases collaboration of designs with Jean-Pierre Braganza and if we take a closer look you can see exactly why this collaboration was so spectacular…

Jean-Pierre Braganza and Richard Emden both share a keen eye for the female shape as well as both being inspired by comics, science fiction and futurism. ‘Bracher Emden’s signature style is all about structure and 3-dimensional shapes.  We never venture far from this; even our soft day bags include an element of structure, in their appliqué or shape’.

In December I remember Richard saying ‘I have always had a passion for anything futuristic, and SS12 has been the best time to let this lead my designs. Futuristic trends and geometric shapes are huge right now’ and it seems this trend is expected to continue into the future. Last season saw the launch the Geo Tote & Geo Clutch with appliquéd geometric layers of leather ‘I’ve always been inspired by comic books, HR Geiger, anything Sci-Fi & futuristic, so when I saw the ‘geometric’ trend returning I jumped on it’.

This years London Fashion Week also saw the Bracher Emden brand collaborate with Bora Aksu whose work has been described as dark, romantic and elaborate. I love Bora Aksu and Bracher Emden so to see them collaborate is an exciting moment.

Perhaps you’re wondering how these collaborations came about… Bracher Emden is a reasonably small, independent brand, a proud British label that have managed to stay successful throughout the past ten years in the Fashion industry.  ‘We wanted to extend our designs and products to different markets, and the best way to do this was through the collaborations’. Bracher Emden has their own design and production team as factories won’t touch their products,our bags a very detailed and must be handmade individually , so the process is rather drawn out.  I usually make several mock-ups of each design to test the shapes and sizes, and then when they are perfect, we will produce the final sample’.

As Bracher Emden has its own design and production team it is able to work closely with each designer in producing a bag specific to their collection. Richard Emden can test and try all kinds of designs and materials allowing him to extend his design skills and inspiration.’We chose these designers because, one, they suit our brand.  Jean-Pierre’s structure and geometric print and Bora’s dark romantic elaborate designs.  They are both extremely talented designers.  We also wanted to support London Fashion Week designers.  They have both been a dream to work for, despite the tight deadlines and last minute dramas!’.

London Fashion Week was a very busy time for Bracher Emden and so it should be after all the hard work and efforts that goes into showcasing new designs. It isn’t just a day job, the team are working through the nights to make sure deadlines and high standards are met. Richard Emden managed a half an hour break before returning to the hard work ‘the catwalk shows were amazing, and once the designs had been sent to each designer, I could sit back and watch the show, for atleast half an hour and then I was back to designing the new styles for our AW12 mainline’.

Bracher Emden has an extremely efficient, creative and effective in-house press and marketing team working their magic behind the scenes. ‘They dream up ideas each season (e.g. the taxi service) and plan every detail in time for the shows.  It’s all been pretty organised in the run up to London Fashion Week’. The taxi service was to offered editors during London Fashion Week, which was ‘Bracher Emden’ branded and offered a goody bag inside.  Editors could go from show to show stress free!

Tala Elle Samman founder of the amazing ‘My Fash Diary’ was one of Bracher Emden’s honored bloggers to be picked up by one of these fantastic cabs ‘The Black cab was adorable… it waited for me with a big sign saying ‘TALA’ from my pick up points’. Please visit Tala’s post to find out more on what was in the cab!!

We were really busy this London Fashion Week, which was great!  Preparing the taxi was probably the most stressful for our team as they had to deal with the logistics of it all, whilst also being at the show!’. In addition there were the usual touch ‘n’ go moments like materials not arriving in time, tight deadlines and working through the night to get the amount of bags needed for each show.  But this is a normality now, and the team are all used to it at Bracher Emden!

Most recently the Bracher Emden team have been enjoying the Paris Fashion Week but still very busy selling products to stores at Premiere Classe. Twitter and Facebook have been sharing their positive experience ‘J’adore Paris’!!

Obviously, the catwalk shows for JPB and Bora Aksu were the highlights at Bracher Emden as well as the great feedback from all of the press (an exclusive with Grazia daily, Elle.com tweeting about  the taxi along with the millions of comments on their bags).  There were a few other favourite designs that caught the eye of the Bracher Emden team and surprisingly one thinks, geo-metric and futurisitic!! So please do check out the Bracher Emden blog for an interesting read and fab images.

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Richard Emden, a creative soul

This season will be celebrating the 10th year of Bracher Emden luxury handbags and hasn’t it been an eventful and exciting 10 years for Richard Emden and everyoone who has been involved with developing such a fabulous brand.

Since the birth of this magical entity in Covent Garden 2002 Richard Emden and his team have quickly and successfully developed the brand into an internationally recognised name. Bracher Emden has taken to the catwalks of London Fashion Week, showcased in the windows of Selfridges, taken over the billboards of London, raised money for Breast Cancer, hung off the arms of the famous and collaborated with names that will never be forgotten.

Richard Emden came from a creative background and so he was always going to be a recipe for fabulous creations, his Mother was a hairdresser and his Father was an art printer. Growing up Emden knew he was in for a creative ride, when he left school he literally tried everything from graffiti, dance, hairdressing, to prop and window design. Emden finally found his true forte with womens handbags and yes Emden is straight incase you were wondering! He first started out customizing trainers for Nike to designing props and window displays for Moschino, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.   ‘These experiences in prop design has definitely carried through to my structural, 3-dimensional handbag designs’ says the dynamic designer.

Emden spends a lot of time in Thailand looking for inspiration and sourcing different materials at the many markets. When he has some time to relax which isn’t too often  his favourite bar to visit is Bar 23 in Bangkok, ‘it’s where a lot of photographers, designers and artists hangout and a great place to meet some very interesting, creative people’. It’s not just the bars of Bangkok making an impression, Richard has found some great places where he can enjoy authentic Thai food, a favourite of place to eat is The Face. Whilst he loves Thailand Richard Emden loves England too he reminds us ‘you can’t beat a homemade Sunday Roast’ this is so true…oh and a good old English cup of tea??!! Back in his hometown of London, he has a soft spot for Mishkin on  Catherine Street ‘a ‘kind of Jewish deli with cocktails’ check out their website I love it, what more does one need?!!

Fashion is a fast moving industry and so Emden doesn’t get to holiday very often but when he is done working in Bangkok he likes to escape to Koh Lanta which by the way consists of about 52 islands!! Emden has found the perfect location where he can relax and unwhind from the hustle and the bustle of cities and truly relax ‘in one of the most underdeveloped areas of Thailand’.

In 2004 Emden created the lace-up Parker a bag inspired by Peter Parkers mask in Spiderman an interesing angle on inspiration, I had to ask… have films always been a part of your inspiration? Who and what has influenced your collections most? ‘All my inspiration comes from comic books.  I am a massive fan of DC & Marvel comics.  HR Geiger was a huge inspiration for our iconic Breast bag and several clutches of past seasons.  This masculine element in my design is what gives my women’s handbags individuality’.

Richard Emden has been extremely successful and his creations have become must have items amongst the rich and the famous, I had to nosey on a little bit further…How did it feel when you started seeing your bags hanging off the arms of celebrities? Saw your marvellous creations in the shop windows of prestigious stores such as Oxford Streets Selfridges? Was there ever a moment you had to stop and pinch yourself?!! ‘At the time, it was all a bit of a whirlwind.  One minute, we were quietly making leather bags at our humble Covent Garden store, and the next we were getting orders from prestigious stores all around the world.  Then the whole celebrity thing began when Beyoncé was spotted wearing our Breast bag.  It was great to know that I was not only wanted by the luxury market but also by amazing artists’.

When Emden started the company in 2001 it wasn’t to show the world who he was, it was to enjoy life and do what made him happy and this hasn’t changed. Emden really values his team and seems very grateful to have such wonderful people in his life ‘as the company rapidly grew, I had to surround myself with a team of special people.  Without these people, that have remained loyal to this day, there would be no brand!  We all still work as one, developing Bracher Emden each season’.

I wondered what it was that made his brand and ranges different this is how he responded ‘ my style is certainly different, and sets me apart in many ways. It’s an explosion of ergonomic shapes that mostly derive from female curves, with layers of different exotic skins fused to make an item of beauty.  My favourite bag would have to be the Geo clutch. A sleek weapon like shape that elegantly moulds to a woman’s hand as soon as it is picked up’ perfect…words to my little ears!

Emden only knows too well that the industry isn’t as glamourous as preconceptions may have us all fooled into believing ‘the lows are the deadlines and  fashion is certainly not as glamorous as it portrays’. ‘It can be shallow and extremely cut-throat.  It’s also about who you know and not what you know most of the time’. On a more positive note the highs seem to make up for those more stressful lows ‘the highs have to be seeing and hearing people’s excitement when they receive their bags.  We also offer a bespoke service on our website, where I personally make and design the bags; each bag takes several days to finish, and receiving thank you emails when they finally reach the customer is great’.

I’m looking forward to what 2012 holds for us I asked Richard Emden what’s next for Bracher Emden? ‘Collaborations.  We will be working with several other designers to expand the brand, appearing on several catwalk shows as well as designing bags for cosmetic , sunglasses and clotheswear brands.

And what trends can we expect to see dominating the 2012/2013 catwalks? ‘I have always had a passion for anything futuristic, and SS12 has been the best time to let this lead my designs. Futuristic trends and geometric shapes are huge right now. This is certainly apparent throughout the whole collection.  Bracher Emden featured on the SS12 catwalk with Jean-Pierre Braganza, and will be collaborating for London Fashion Week again for AW12, with prestigious designer, Bora Aksu’.

Words of wisdom from Richard Emden are ‘know yourself, believe in yourself and grow a thick skin.  Believe in your design.  Take everything on board but don’t take everything to heart’.

His quote of the moment:  “Amalgamation” – (more of a ‘word of the season’) and he recommends Progressive Breakbeat

What a wonderful brand and what a wonderful creator, thank you Richard Emden it’s been a pleasure getting to know more about you!!

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