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Radian6 Releases an Engagement Console for Social Media

“The ultimate new fluid desktop” Radian6

Yes people this is exactly what you need… a desktop application could things be made any easier for you? The console runs on Adobe Integrated Runtime… you should definitely be familiar with this if not…I’m speechless! It’s designed to streamline social media, you use one application to find content  and peers.

This console is a great way “capture conversations from across the web, co-ordinate social media activity and with your team and STAKEHOLDERS.  Seamlessly integrate your engagement and response with your other tasks, and easily work social media into your existing business processes and enterprise systems.” (Radian6) 

The Engaged Brand

Exactly what is this…well it’s an awesome  free online library, a resource for people, brands and businesses wishing to make the most of the wonderful world of social media. A great way to build relations, share and learn online with the key to your busines..the customers.

Radian6 cover different topics regularly as to keep you upto date with this fast moving environment, it’s hard to keep up with along with keeping up  with your business direction. So educate yourself and keep your finger on the tip of that goal of a ball.

Remember your customers are everything so it’s important you build good relations, have a strong sense of community and be ready to engage with them, listen, learn and smell success.

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