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Festival in Fashion

Ahhhh so excitied to have recently discovered fieldcandy, great name because the tents they sell are absolute eye candy. A while ago I wondered why people didn’t complete their outfits with a great pair of socks, especially some males in suits. The point is why would you put effort into an oufit without completing it by popping on an interesting pair of socks, as interesting as you or the rest of your attire?

So all you fashionable festival goers whilst you’re preparing your festive outfits, bits n bobs don’t forget to complete your trendy selves with a super statement tent! Time to fully express yourselves… one important point though you may have to run a syndicate and have shares as they are pricey in comparison to some bog standards I’m used to!! So find you’re most strategic thinking cap and get on it…like a car bonnet!!

How very aesthetically pleasing!!


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