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Great Cafe/bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Radio was an unexpected and nice surprise for a weekend find whilst out exploring Fitzroy. In fact this sweet find perked us up since we’d heard so much about the area and so far we couldn’t work out what the big fuss was about.We hadn’t explored enough at this point…a little more investigating and our opinions have completely changed.

It had been raining and there was a cold chill about the air so my partner and I were looking for some where cool and cosey with a delicious menu. Check out the delicious pizza and some yummy soup!!

The prices on the menu were very reasonable. The venue was cool and stylish and had a mix of modern with original  features and to top it off the building had real history which just made us love it a little bit more.

The people running the joint were really friendly too, made you feel welcome. They had created a really relaxed chilled atmosphere and the music was well chosen.

This place comes highly recommended, great place for a chilled Saturday afternoon.

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