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Love Plus, your virtual girlfriend

Unreal and very real all at once… and don’t be thinking you  can get away with being flakey with your new and sometimes demanding girlfriend on Love Plus(Konami creation). This is a computer generated game launched September 2009 where virtual relationships come to life and it seems to be an absolute hit amongst the Japanese men (around 240,000  units of the game have been sold).

Originally Love Plus was Nintendo DS based now the iPhone also supports this technology, both are great devices for the game as they have the right technology such as touch screens, picture and video taking technology… perfect tools for when that moment comes to insert yourself into your home made romcom!

So how does it work?

Well you pick one of three girls who are all high school students (is that a bit odd? Or is that okay as they’re not real?) I’ll list the three options below…

  • Manaka Takane who is sweet and studious and loves tennis and baking
  • Rinko Kobayakawa  who is a loner that’s into punk music and chips (random)
  • Nene Anegasaki who enjoys housework and horror films

Each girl develops according to her ‘boyfriends’ tastes, he controls everything from the length of her hair to the pet name by which she addresses him. As Danielle Demetriou reports in the March issue of Marie Claire ‘these girls aren’t pushovers, they demand to be treated as respectfully as any real counterpart, and a mere hint of neglect (a late email, a forgotten birthday) results in a serious sulk’.

Sincere users of the game have learnt early on that their virtual girlfriend can take things very seriously and sometimes it can take days to repair the relationship…is this good training or what?

Now it gets a bit more bonkers when it seems to be a serious dilema for men when deciding which  relationnship they like most out of the non virtual love life  and the virtual one…tricky?!!!

So you think that’s bonkers?

The software is now portable so goodbye to the days of sitting in front of a TV dating, you can now take your girlfriend out ‘the interaction on Love Plus is intense, but innocent (it’s rated 15+): hands are held, hair is stroked and kisses are exchanged by touching a stylus on the screen of the image of the girlfriend, unleashing a flurry of cartoon hearts. But the images are racy at times, particularly when the girlfriends slip off their flirtatious short school uniforms to appear in pulse-raising bikinis for a date at the local pool’.

Well it seems users of the game go out with their girlfriends and actually visit hotels and restaurants that are also featured in the virtual world. Konami have taken this concept/fantasy to the next level peeps players of the game can take their girlfriends on a holiday to the coastal town of Atami. Atami restaurateur Kanji Nagasawa  has watched men sit and play with the game whilst eating ‘we’ve been stunned by how happy this makes those customers’ .

Creators Konami hosted a sell out Christmas concert in Tokyo where life sized holograms of the girls performed, taking that on screen fantasy a step further out of the box and onto a stage.

For those that are new to this I hope this has been an interesting and brief introduction into something bizarre and clever.

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It’s impossible to forget this ladies amazing skills but I though this should be re blogged incase anyone missed out!!

Prswooz's Blog

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this years LFS in particular Katie Newsam one of my favourite designers, you can spot her designs a mile off. Her designs are so unique and inspiring. This year I covered one of Lara Ostertag’s events held in conjunction with LFS, it was here that I was lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of what could be expected at the 2011 ‘Dress Me Beautiful’ event and of course I really coudn’t wait to see what she would be showcasing(you maybe expecting more to say but literally had to wait like everyone else!!).

I managed to share some of Katie Newsam’s time and got to find out a little bit more about this fabulous designer…

Have you got a favourite leeds bar?

I’ve not really been to many bars in leeds I love Epernay though (classy, nice choice in bar lot’s…

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Interview with Amanda Lee, founder of Fashionography

A recent discovery of an awesome blog called Fashionography provided the opportunity to get to know the mastermind behind the e-mask!! Amanda Lee is a blogger with a passion for fashion, an eye for style and a desire to join the designing world. What adds a little more value to this great site is the fact that beauty blogger Kohyla has recently collaborated with Fashionography. You’re perhaps already wondering about the ‘ography part of the name and of course photography is involved, infact these two motivated girls have been joining forces in creating,directing and styling their own photo shoots.

Anyway here’s what else I found out about Amanda Lee

Favourite food:  French Fries!

Quote of the moment: Never leave home without an accessory be it on your hands, wrist, neck or ears.   

Recommended music: 8tracks playlists of 90’s music 

Favourite travel destination: Paris for its fashion and crepes!

Studied at:  Hong Kong Polytechnic University    Course:   Fashion Design in Knitwear

What inspired you to get involved with social media and in particular blogging?

I began blogging roughly 1.5 years ago, as I was making my transition from business school to fashion school. As the two subjects are on completely different ends of the spectrum, the blog began as a way to put all the things that inspired me and struck me as great fashion and photography in one place. The social media aspect of it came later when my blog readership started to grow and became a mainstream channel to connect with other bloggers and to promote my own blog.
What is inspired you to get involved with the fashion industry?

Fashion has always been one of the things that I’ve always loved and after completing my first degree, I decided that I should try something that I’ve been always passionate about – hence am now studying fashion design. I’ve always been surrounded by fashion as well. When I was little, I used to raid my mom’s shoe cabinet and play dress-up….

Is there anything you wish people would understand about the industry?

It is often perceived that the fashion industry is full of glitz and glamour, but this stereotype couldn’t be more incorrect. There are moments when it would be glamourous, but the industry is not as superficial as one would think of it to be. A lot of sleepless nights go into either the merchandising, buying, retailing and designing aspect of the industry. The industry depends heavily on team work and creativity – which essentially makes or breaks a company or a designer.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic?

One of the most challenging things about being a fashion blogger is trying to find a way to stay unique. There are hundreds and thousands of fashion bloggers out there and when I started to blog, I asked myself what I can bring to the table that others can’t, or haven’t yet.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your blog?

One of the benefits from blogging is the network that one can create through their blog. I have met so many amazing people through my blog, from other Hong Kong based bloggers, stylists and photographers to those working behind the scenes of a fashion brand and many people in PR. This great network has allowed me to develop my blog even further, and develop a wider social circle.

How would (someone) describe your blogging style?

I do have a rather minimalistic blog where the images I use are the core of my blog. My writing is short and succinct which make it easier for my point to get across.

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog/website?

I am pretty preoccupied with school at the moment. There’s always a lot to do in research before settling down on a final topic for the go ahead. On the occasion that I do have downtime, I love to go shopping with my mom; and watching movies is a big thing for me. I love looking at the cinematography and fashion in a movie.

How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog? Many people struggle with coming up with different articles/posts and they only have one blog.

As the name of my blog suggests, I am a huge fan of fashion and photography. When I am not blogging about current trends and collection previews, I am always looking for lesser-known designers and photographers that have I believe have an edge. Fresh designers are always looking for an outlet for their work and it’s important for me as the role of a blogger to help introduce them to the a wider audience.

What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?

I am very active on Twitter and Facebook, and these two platforms of social media are so important to creating a following of a blog. Connecting with other bloggers and readers from around the world help gets the ball rolling, and through these platforms, I have created a network and a have met a wonderful group of people!

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

I am a huge fan of Style Bubble and Bryanboy. They both have such eclectic styles and their take on the fashion world is so unique!
If you had to pick a celebrity wardrobe whose would it be and why?

Oh my goodness. I would have to go with the Kardashians. They are my guilty pleasure, and after seeing Khloe’s shoe closet on Elle, I dream of having her closet one day! All 3 Kardashians have a really good sense of style as well, and their wardrobes come with an unlimited amount of accessories! Rachel Zoe would come as a close second because it seems like she never wears anything twice and its full of Balmain jackets that I would die for!

If you could go back in time what year would you got and why…or you can go into the future?!!

I would definitely go back to the 70’s. There was an amazing sense of colour and prints back in the day with great silhouettes, hair and music especially. I think i was born in the wrong decade!

It’s been a pleasure getting to know more about the driving force behind Fashionography and I think there are some great words for people thinking about starting up their own blog. Definitely one to keep our beady eyes on!

Northern Monkey setting a trend

Dave Hall is emerging as one of the North’s most talented Tee-shirt designers, inspired by Banksy and a serious love for BMX’s. Finally all you tee shirt lovers can be relieved as b73tees design and print is launched…great kick start to the new 2012 wardrobe.

Dave has finally transformed his little book of notes that has been carried around with him for a long time and travelled over 4000 miles into reality.

Dave reminisce’s about the 80’s “In 1983, at the age of 10 my parents bought me what was the greatest bicycle I ever owned, a Raleigh Extra Burner. In 2006 I set off on a nostalgia trip that became a real passion. My BMX fire was re-lit and continues to burn today.”

 All Dave’s Tshirts are inspired by the BMX scene. There is a large selection of riders who race BMX in the North of England, at tracks in Manchester, Leeds, Hartlepool, Preston and others. These riders are known as the Northern Monkeys!”I wanted a monkey that represented the stereo type of the ‘northern’ man… the ‘banksy’ monkey fitted the bill perfectly. ‘Banksy’ artwork is very popular, BMX is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, for me it was the perfect fusion of Art, BMX & Humour”.

All of the TShirts are printed on high quality Hanes Beefy T’s. Unlike many bespoke Tshirt printers, b73tees do not use ‘cheap’ or ‘poor quality’ TShirts, they want you to come back time and time again with the assurance that you are getting a quality garment with an exclusive print from b73tees.


To buy a Tshirt or to enquire about your own exclusive print please visit –

Radian6 Releases an Engagement Console for Social Media

“The ultimate new fluid desktop” Radian6

Yes people this is exactly what you need… a desktop application could things be made any easier for you? The console runs on Adobe Integrated Runtime… you should definitely be familiar with this if not…I’m speechless! It’s designed to streamline social media, you use one application to find content  and peers.

This console is a great way “capture conversations from across the web, co-ordinate social media activity and with your team and STAKEHOLDERS.  Seamlessly integrate your engagement and response with your other tasks, and easily work social media into your existing business processes and enterprise systems.” (Radian6) 

The Engaged Brand

Exactly what is this…well it’s an awesome  free online library, a resource for people, brands and businesses wishing to make the most of the wonderful world of social media. A great way to build relations, share and learn online with the key to your busines..the customers.

Radian6 cover different topics regularly as to keep you upto date with this fast moving environment, it’s hard to keep up with along with keeping up  with your business direction. So educate yourself and keep your finger on the tip of that goal of a ball.

Remember your customers are everything so it’s important you build good relations, have a strong sense of community and be ready to engage with them, listen, learn and smell success.

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Radian6 an essential to your success with social media

” Brand ownership is no longer solely the domain of the institution, manage your social media strategy and empower your team” Radian6

Wise words from Radian6 as we have entered a new era for the business world, an era that is and will change the way your business runs. Social media is all about conversations and no one, not even you can avoid these.

The world has just got larger yet closer in terms on intelligence and gossip so it’s fundamental that companies know exactly what is being said about them and in what context, see the opportunities and eliminate the threats. It’s not just about you’re own brand but about your competitors and the industry in general, you can get a head start at a miraculous speed with platfroms such as Radian6 who specialise in analysing web data, a job that consumes a whole organisations efforts so if you believe you can add to your teams work load you could well be making a big mistake… as morals drop and stress levels increase plus if you’re going to get involved with the ultimate social media do it properly and keep your competitive edge sharp.

Radian6 are passionate about what they do and are experts when it comes to listening in to customers and communities. These guys know how to analyse strategically and have the ability to measure the success and most importantly know exactly how to become an engaging brand.

 The company is is diverse and covers a broad range of sectors such as Public Relations, marketing, managing, customer service and sales.

So what sets Radian6 apart from the others and how will it give you an advantage?

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Scan over 100 million sites and sources, from blogs and comments to photos, videos, forums, public Facebook groups, and Twitter.
  • Get real-time, relevant results pushed right to your dashboard, so you never miss a relevant post.
  • We do the post aggregation for you, so results easy to read, distribute, share and analyze, without the time-consuming legwork.

Metrics, Filtering & Segmentation

  • Slice, segment, filter and parse your social media data to view and measure it through dozens of lenses.
  • Look at metrics like sentiment, engagement, reach, inbound links, vote count or comment count.
  • Home in on or exclude specific sets of sites for ultra-targeted analysis.
  • Filter your results by media type, geographic region, or any of ten international languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Simple Chinese and Russian.

Influencer Analysis

  • Our customizable Influencer EQ scores influencers according to criteria you specify – criteria that’s relevant to your business.
  • View influencers by media type to get a broader picture of who is talking about you on what channels.
  • Drill down into data like comments, posts, or links, and see other social profiles for each influencer across the web.
  • Target your engagement and outreach to the people and media outlets that drive your business goals.

Workflow and Engagement Management

  • Assign and route posts within your team, and track engagement and response right from the dashboard.
  • Set up email or IM alerts – either as-it-happens or in regular intervals – so you and your clients can stay on top of the activity.
  • Use post and source tags to create a “social web caller ID” system, and segment results for in-depth reporting and analysis.
  • Communicate and collaborate internally on outreach and information sharing so your team is armed with all the context and intelligence they need.

Social CRM and Web Analytics Integration

  • Align social media with your sales, account, and website efforts with just a few clicks.
  • Create contacts, leads, or support cases right from your River of News.
  • Use WebTrends integration to filter social media content by web stats like site visits, conversions, or purchases.
  • Understand the context and content of posts that are driving the website actions and results you want.

Want to know if Radian6 is the right listening platform for you? Sign up for a webinar demo today and take a test drive.

Still need more information? Check out their Product Applications section or learn how Radian6 helps you Listen, Measure and Engage.

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