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The Ultimate Olympic Shopping Experience, London 2012

SalesGossip have got your back here. If you’re travelling to London for the first time it’s important to be organised and prepared. The City has lots to offer, it has a great transport system and a place for every taste and every style.

Do you know where you’re going? If you’re unsure please check out SalesGossip London Walks, not only do Sales Gossip know the best deals they know London and they know where to go, and what to expect.

Being in London and not familiar with areas can be disappointing and time consuming. So if you do decide to take this little bit of advice, you may well  find that not only are you getting to see some of the best parts of London,, you’ll also be getting the best deals and more time for shopping!!

Happy Shopping!! xx


Happy Cocktailing xx

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Interview with Hana the Shopaholic

Hi everyone, I’m back! After falling off the blogging waggon, I’m back on it thanks to a little inspiration from Hannah Moss fashion blogger (Confessions of a Shopaholic) and Editor of

I feel as though blogging has been a slight gym experience…once you’re in to it you can’t stop and can become obssessed but as soon as you disrupt your routine it’s a nightmare to get back on it!! Sometimes all you need is that little spark and you’re away and I feel like this was Hannah….so thank you for sharing your energy…CLEARLY I NEEDED IT!!

Fashion blogger Hannah Moss grew up in the sunny town of Derby where I was lucky enough to make a connection to her and be ‘mossed’ so to speak! I got chatting to her and whilst we shared our love for make-up it became clear we had lots in common mainly interests in fashion, PR and blogging. To be honest though what girl couldn’t get on with Hannah???

In 2010 Hannah was nominated for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards which was a real surprise and a great accolade since she had only been blogging for short while.  Hannah has shared some of her time with us and below you can find out a little bit more about her. The shopaholic offers a great insight into the blogging world, how she came to be there and what’s propelled her into the very visible blogosphere.

Favourite food: Italian                         

Favourite Restaurant: Darley’s – a lovely place on the banks of the river Derwent in my home town, Derby

Favourite bar: Anywhere with a great cocktail menu

Quote of the moment: ‘Shopping is my cardio’ – some of my favourite words of wisdom from Carrie Bradshaw                                         

Recommended music: We Are Scientists       

Favourite travel destination: New York

Studied at:  University of Sheffield                                Course:  MA English Language & Literature   

Blog: Confessions of a Shopaholic:

Website: Editor of:

 What inspired you to get involved with social media and in particular blogging?

The fact that blogging can give anyone and everyone a voice attracted me. Being a fashion journalist is one of those dream jobs everyone wants to do and blogging provides a great way in.

How did you become involved in with blogging?

After uni when I was looking how to break into the industry I started writing my blog as a portfolio so potential employers could see what I could do.

What inspired you to get involved with the fashion industry?

I’ve always loved fashion. I can’t remember when it started – probably playing dress-up. I used to keep a scrap book of my own designs and would have been tempted to pursue a design career but English was always my strongest subject at school – so fashion writing seems like the perfect mix for me.

Is there anything you wish people would understand about the industry?

That girls who work in fashion aren’t bitches. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked if I’ve met any Miranda Priestly types (Devil wears Prada)and I’m sure lots of people I know think I don’t have a ‘proper job’ so to speak, but it is an industry and we all work hard at what we do.

What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic?

Every day we all see crazy outfits we hate whether out on the streets or on the red carpet – but I’ve always said I wouldn’t post anything negative. I don’t like the whole culture of don’t they look fat/ugly that puts people down.

 Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your blog?

It was through my blog that I got the job as Editor of SalesGossip. Zabetta, the CEO and founder read my blog and got in touch to ask if I’d like to be guest blogger on the site and my role developed from there.
How would someone describe your blogging style?

I got a nice comment a while back from someone who said I have a ‘witty style all of my own’ – which I thought was a really lovely compliment. Wit is something I associate with the likes of Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde, and where I can’t hope to compete with their genius, it’s true I love puns and word play – so maybe it comes from that.
What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

More blogging! I’m the Editor for a sales alert site called SalesGossip (, so most of the time I’m tracking down great bargains to blog about. Once away from my laptop I love going to galleries and exhibitions. I recently went to see Princess Diana’s dresses on display at Kensington Palace and the Louboutin retrospective at The Design Museum is next on my list.
What networking do you do that you feel helps the blogging business most?

Something I’ve learned is how incredibly important networking actually is. That old adage ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ is true. You could write the most amazing content, but if the right people don’t see it…

I’m quite a shy person, but I’d say if you’re invited to an event then go. You never know who you might meet. Press shows are great opportunity to meet people and going along shows your interest in the brand/designer – plus you might even get some freebies!

How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog? Many people struggle with coming up with different articles/posts and they only have one blog.

Fashion never sleeps. There’s always something new and exciting to write about, whether it’s a new label launch or the latest looks on the red carpet, so writers block has never been an issue for me. It’s more a case of picking out the stories which appeal to me and, importantly, fit with the style of whichever blog I happen to be writing for.
What’s your strategy in general? A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interesting in making money from blogging? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?

Being realistic, it’s not an industry where you can just roll up and start earning instantly. It takes a lot of time and energy to make the contacts and build up lasting relationships which result in payment. Personally, my strategy was never to make lots of money through my blog directly – by generating advertising revenue, for example – but to use it as a portfolio so potential employers could see my work.
What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?

The Cosmopolitan blog awards nomination was great publicity. I had only been blogging a couple of months when this came along, so it was a huge surprise. Twitter is great for networking and increasing visibility and I really should push it more. One thing I would say is let brands/designers know if you’ve written about them. It could help kick-start a working relationship.

Everyone has a favourite/least favourite post. Name yours and why?

Favourite? Well, my number of page views went through the roof when I posted about David Beckham’s underwear range for H&M! As for least favourite, any post where I’ve only included images. I’m never happy if I’ve not had time to write a thorough review.

What’s your take on sponsored reviews?

Come on, who doesn’t love a freebie? In my opinion sponsored reviews are a perk of the job, but there is a way of going about it. If you have been given something, say so. If you don’t like a product, don’t go there. I’ve heard a few stories about bloggers asking for free stuff, and I know they say ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ but personally I think it’s rude.

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

The best thing about blogging is that it is so inclusive – anyone can have a go, so everyone who has gone ahead and put their content out there for the world to read deserves to be recognised. The Clothes Whisperer, Susie Bubble and Liberty London Girl are great examples of very successful career bloggers whose content I love.

If you had to pick a celebrity wardrobe whose would it be and why?

Victoria Beckham. Always my favourite Spice Girl, she’s progressed from pop star and wag to become a bone fide designer. Her designs are simple, sophisticated and so flattering of the female form.

If you could go back in time what year would you got and why…or you can go into the future?!!

It would definitely be back in time – I’m a sucker for a good old fashioned costume drama and I’m more than a little bit obsessed with Pride and Prejudice – so it would have to be the turn of the 19th century for me.

Hannah thank you so much for your time, I really enjoyed getting to know you and anyone else who enjoyed getting to know this fabulous fashion blogger please follow Hannah on twitter for the latest news, tips and advice on fashion. Oh and some amazing deals that aren’t to be missed!!!!

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The future is geo-metric, the future is Bracher Emden

It’s almost non-stop for Richard Emden and his amazing team at Bracher Emden, since our last communication back in December Bracher Emden have been working very hard on some more fabulous designs for the SS12 collection. (now launched online)

The image above showcases collaboration of designs with Jean-Pierre Braganza and if we take a closer look you can see exactly why this collaboration was so spectacular…

Jean-Pierre Braganza and Richard Emden both share a keen eye for the female shape as well as both being inspired by comics, science fiction and futurism. ‘Bracher Emden’s signature style is all about structure and 3-dimensional shapes.  We never venture far from this; even our soft day bags include an element of structure, in their appliqué or shape’.

In December I remember Richard saying ‘I have always had a passion for anything futuristic, and SS12 has been the best time to let this lead my designs. Futuristic trends and geometric shapes are huge right now’ and it seems this trend is expected to continue into the future. Last season saw the launch the Geo Tote & Geo Clutch with appliquéd geometric layers of leather ‘I’ve always been inspired by comic books, HR Geiger, anything Sci-Fi & futuristic, so when I saw the ‘geometric’ trend returning I jumped on it’.

This years London Fashion Week also saw the Bracher Emden brand collaborate with Bora Aksu whose work has been described as dark, romantic and elaborate. I love Bora Aksu and Bracher Emden so to see them collaborate is an exciting moment.

Perhaps you’re wondering how these collaborations came about… Bracher Emden is a reasonably small, independent brand, a proud British label that have managed to stay successful throughout the past ten years in the Fashion industry.  ‘We wanted to extend our designs and products to different markets, and the best way to do this was through the collaborations’. Bracher Emden has their own design and production team as factories won’t touch their products,our bags a very detailed and must be handmade individually , so the process is rather drawn out.  I usually make several mock-ups of each design to test the shapes and sizes, and then when they are perfect, we will produce the final sample’.

As Bracher Emden has its own design and production team it is able to work closely with each designer in producing a bag specific to their collection. Richard Emden can test and try all kinds of designs and materials allowing him to extend his design skills and inspiration.’We chose these designers because, one, they suit our brand.  Jean-Pierre’s structure and geometric print and Bora’s dark romantic elaborate designs.  They are both extremely talented designers.  We also wanted to support London Fashion Week designers.  They have both been a dream to work for, despite the tight deadlines and last minute dramas!’.

London Fashion Week was a very busy time for Bracher Emden and so it should be after all the hard work and efforts that goes into showcasing new designs. It isn’t just a day job, the team are working through the nights to make sure deadlines and high standards are met. Richard Emden managed a half an hour break before returning to the hard work ‘the catwalk shows were amazing, and once the designs had been sent to each designer, I could sit back and watch the show, for atleast half an hour and then I was back to designing the new styles for our AW12 mainline’.

Bracher Emden has an extremely efficient, creative and effective in-house press and marketing team working their magic behind the scenes. ‘They dream up ideas each season (e.g. the taxi service) and plan every detail in time for the shows.  It’s all been pretty organised in the run up to London Fashion Week’. The taxi service was to offered editors during London Fashion Week, which was ‘Bracher Emden’ branded and offered a goody bag inside.  Editors could go from show to show stress free!

Tala Elle Samman founder of the amazing ‘My Fash Diary’ was one of Bracher Emden’s honored bloggers to be picked up by one of these fantastic cabs ‘The Black cab was adorable… it waited for me with a big sign saying ‘TALA’ from my pick up points’. Please visit Tala’s post to find out more on what was in the cab!!

We were really busy this London Fashion Week, which was great!  Preparing the taxi was probably the most stressful for our team as they had to deal with the logistics of it all, whilst also being at the show!’. In addition there were the usual touch ‘n’ go moments like materials not arriving in time, tight deadlines and working through the night to get the amount of bags needed for each show.  But this is a normality now, and the team are all used to it at Bracher Emden!

Most recently the Bracher Emden team have been enjoying the Paris Fashion Week but still very busy selling products to stores at Premiere Classe. Twitter and Facebook have been sharing their positive experience ‘J’adore Paris’!!

Obviously, the catwalk shows for JPB and Bora Aksu were the highlights at Bracher Emden as well as the great feedback from all of the press (an exclusive with Grazia daily, tweeting about  the taxi along with the millions of comments on their bags).  There were a few other favourite designs that caught the eye of the Bracher Emden team and surprisingly one thinks, geo-metric and futurisitic!! So please do check out the Bracher Emden blog for an interesting read and fab images.

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Amazing Givenchy Shoes

I recently discovered SCANLAN & THEODORE along Chapel Street in Melbourne, it’s an amazing boutique with the most fabulous items or should I say treasures. It’s the first and only place to currently stock these amazing Givenchy shoes…

I love the fact they’re armadillo print, for someone who is mildly obssessed by leopard print these are a nice change and the zip detail outlining the shape of the boot make them extra special. These are the kind of boots you get stopped in wherever you are to be told ‘I love your boots’ and ‘where did you get them from?’

SCANLAN & THEODORE are a leading Australian fashion label boutique or should I say boutiques as they are dotted in a few places…Paddington, Chatswood, David Jones (Sydney) Armadale, David Jones (Melbourne City), South Yarra, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane), Adelaide, Perth (Claremont).

I really recommend this wonderful boutique, the staff are fantastic, stylish and helpful.

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JETS Swimsuits

I’ve just discovered the most amazing retro looking and glamourous JETS swimsuits designed by Jessika Allen. There is a style for everyone  whether it’s a 2 piece or super sexy and sophisiticated 1 piece which seems to be a signature production from Jessika Allen.

I love this swimsuit it’s classy, gorgeous and looks as though it would make you feel like million dollars. I see myself on a  nice big yacht chilling with a Mojito!!

Ar amazing all it needs now is a captain’s hat….oy oy sailor!! I love how smooth the lines are around the body the model looks seamless…that’s exactly what I’ll be in need of this summer.

There’s something a bit roaring 20’s about this style, I can imagine this girl flying past with some giant shades on in a vintage racing car, tres cool!!

Just fabulous in every way. I rekon you’d even be feeing good swimming in these gorgeous one pieces, perfect for a confidence boost inside and outside of the water.

Built on the foundations of a premium luxury swimwear brand, JETS Swimwear (JETS) continues to up-hold a standard of superior quality through its design integrity and unique style.

The entire JETS Collection is created with an understanding of timeless, sophisticated elegance, smooth sleek swimwear cut with absolute precision.  This dedication to quality extends across the JETS by Jessika Allen, JETS White Label, JETS Kids as well as JETS Man ranges.

Check out the amazing website for JETS to see more of Jessika Allens amazing creations and for inspiration on your holiday attire that will have heads turning!

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Getting to know Miss B, A Girl A style

I’ve been in communication with Miss B founder of award winning A Girl, A Style blog and  I’m feeling pretty lucky since there is a picture of Miss B under the definition of multi-tasker in the English dictionary, somewhere next to Nick Pickles who won the Prswooz multi-tasking award 2011.

The A Girl, A Style blog is simply fabulous and aspirational. I love the style of writing and all entries are interesting…never a dull moment.There is a really positive and exciting vibe felt in reading the posts here.

Most of the images are taken herself apart from the odd/rare moment where the world of fashion has very much taken over. Earlier this year Miss B caught up with a friend in Paris who introduced her to a great find… Catherine B’s vintage emporium, Les Trois Marches, full of vintage Chanel and Hermes… this was one of those rare moments!! “It may look unassuming from the outside (in true Left Bank style), but I actually gasped when I stepped inside; so good is it that I just had to share it with you all so that you may visit it on your next trip to Paris. Stocking nothing but vintage Chanel and Hermes, this tiny boutique (divided into two neighbouring shopfronts) is almost too good to be true for any Parisian fashion devotee. Within its walls are shelves and shelves of Hermes Kelly bags in every colour imaginable, rows upon rows of Chanel boucle jackets, towering stacks of silk scarves and windows glinting with vintage Chanel jewels (my weakness)” says Miss B.

I shall leave the rest for you to discover on her wonderful blog and now share what else I found out…

Favourite food:  I could quite happily live off summer fruit and macarons alone   

Quote of the moment:  Live the life you dream about                                           

Favourite travel destination: Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Marrakech, Prague, The Barossa Valley and the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Studied at:  Flinders University, Australia                                   

Course:     Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of International Business (I didn’t feel satisfied after doing a single degree like everyone else, so I did three instead!)

What inspired you to start blogging?

I had just moved to England from Australia, and was bored in my day job. I was itching for a creative outlet and to share all these wonderful new adventures I was having in my new home, so one rainy day I decided to finally start the blog I’d been pondering as a way to share the things that caught my eye with friends and like-minded individuals everywhere.

Is there anything you wish people would understand about the industry?

It’s not all about swanning about at glamorous parties (they’re overrated, anyway) and stroking shoes at Fashion Week. Whether you make a conscious decision to dress a certain way or not, fashion is an expression of who we are and how we want the world to see us. Not to mention this is a serious business; it’s the second largest industry in the UK (after government) and is one of the few forces that can resist a serious recession.

You are running more than a blog, contributing as Editorial Associate to Liberty London Girl as well as working as a political advisor by day…how are you doing this…wonder woman!!??

It’s true, I have a very intense day job as a Senior Political Advisor (where I divide my time between Cambridge and Westminster). In addition to running A Girl, A Style, I’m also Editorial Associate for Liberty London Girl, UK Editor for The Glitter Guide, and freelance fashion and beauty writer for a number of other websites and print publications. I just try and compartmentalise everything; I want to do the best I can in my day job (it is, after all, my career and my salary) so just focus on that during the day. When I come home, for a few hours every night I’ll try and write something, whether it’s for my blog or a paid commission for a publication, and do a bit of general blog admin. I love my ‘second job’ so much that I’m happy for that to take up my spare time.
What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog/website? 

During the day, I’m always at work (if I’m in the London office I’ll also try and cram in a fashion appointment or two or a date with a girlfriend over macarons at Laduree on my lunchbreak or after work). But when I’m not doing those two things, I try and do as many things that make me smile as possible. Life, to me, is one giant quest for loveliness.

What has helped your success most?

To be honest, I don’t have any big secret. Just hours and hours and hours of work every single week (my blog is a labour of love), being nice to everyone I meet (I might have found success faster if I’d been more brazen, but that’s not my style), and being meticulous about only posting good quality content. I might not post every day, but readers know that I only post about that which I genuinely love.

How do you keep coming up with quality content for your blog?

I usually have the reverse problem; not having enough time to write about everything I want to (I always have a giant backlog of posts and ideas waiting to be written about/photographed). There is always something catching my eye and inspiring me, but just in case, I always carry around a notebook to jot down ideas for future posts just in case I hit a dry spot!

A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interested in making money from blogging? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?

Find another career path! I’d like to think that my blog is fairly successful these days in terms of site visitors and reader loyalty. But even now, though I occasionally benefit from a perk or two as a result of my blog (and also do paid writing jobs a few times a month), I definitely invest more time and money into my blog than I get back. Yes, there are ways to make a good living off a blog, but very few people attain that level of success and I think it’s hard to enter into blogging with that ambition as your ultimate goal (readers are a clever bunch, and will always see through such tactics). For me, running A Girl, A Style and writing is my passion; anything I make out of it is a bonus.
What’s your take on sponsored reviews?

Although I’m offered these every day, I’ve never said yes to one yet. In my opinion, it would have to be a very good fit (ie. a collaboration with a brand I already love and blog about now) for it to work without sacrificing the blog’s integrity (something I’m very protective about). My blog readers keep coming back because it’s my voice and opinion they like and trust; if I’m giving that up by doing sponsored posts on something I would’t write about ordinarily, then what’s the point?

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl for showing us that blogs don’t have to conform to a single, narrow topic (‘fashion’, ‘beauty’, etc.), Nicolette Mason for showing you don’t have to be a blond supermodel clone to have the most beautiful blog and personal style, and Alix of the Cherry Blossom Girl to show it’s better to create your blog’s identity through one gorgeous post a week than 7 mediocre posts.

What are your favourite trends at the moment?

I never consciously follow trends, but the dominant themes coming through next Spring/Summer really play to my hyper-girly tastes. I love all the sugary pastels, the florals and lace, the 20s Great Gatsby references, and the whimsical under-the-sea vibe (done best at Chanel and Charlotte Olympia).

It’s been another great pleasure to get to now another great creator, thanks for your time and I hope to be able to follow up later in the year.

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Festival in Fashion

Ahhhh so excitied to have recently discovered fieldcandy, great name because the tents they sell are absolute eye candy. A while ago I wondered why people didn’t complete their outfits with a great pair of socks, especially some males in suits. The point is why would you put effort into an oufit without completing it by popping on an interesting pair of socks, as interesting as you or the rest of your attire?

So all you fashionable festival goers whilst you’re preparing your festive outfits, bits n bobs don’t forget to complete your trendy selves with a super statement tent! Time to fully express yourselves… one important point though you may have to run a syndicate and have shares as they are pricey in comparison to some bog standards I’m used to!! So find you’re most strategic thinking cap and get on it…like a car bonnet!!

How very aesthetically pleasing!!


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Vau Vau Fashion Show, Leeds

The fabulous Fashion Pony are sponsoring this years Vau Vau Fashion Show and Art Market, taking place 27th January in the recently renovated Left Bank Church, Cardigan Road, Leeds.

The event returns for its second year running bringing together creative talent from across the UK. There will be designers, photographers, stylists, art work, bloggers,  vintage clothing, alternative accessories, custom canvases and of course the general public who will also be travelling from all over to be  a part of this special event.

The charity event has been organised by photographers Toria Brightside and Emma Parry who aim to raise money for Cancer Research and Guide Dogs for the Blind. The event will also provide a perfect platform for up and coming designers to show case their amazing work as well as be an encouraging event for unheard talent, waiting to be discovered!!

The fabulous Fashion Pony are an award winning online fashion boutique specialising in delivering unique and cutting edge fashion from independent and emerging designers. On the night guests will be made to feel welcome as always and can expect a 10/10 catwalk showcasing only the best. You can expect to see the amazing Bo Carter Leeds Retail Best Designer Winner of 2011, Best Vintage in Leeds, Bird Shell and the up and coming innovative latex designer Eustratia.

Victoria Reddington, Fashion Pony Company Director said: “We are extremely proud and excited to be the headline sponsors of Vau Vau, the ultimate Leeds event for Fashion and Fundraising. We pride ourselves on being a fashion forward company which provides a platform for fresh and innovative design talent, which is in great keeping with the concept and ethos of Vau Vau.”

In addition to the catwalk show, there will also be an exciting art and fashion market, consisting of up to 30 stalls selling everything from vintage clothing and alternative accessories, to custom graffiti canvases. Pleasingly all products are ethically sourced and no real fur features in the show. In addition work by the best of Leeds fine art and photography students will be available for purchase, so keep those eyes peeled!!

Event/Ticket Information:


Doors open at 7.30pm. There will be a reasonably priced bar.


Tickets are priced at £8, and guests are welcomed to make additional donations, available from:


Dusty and Dylan (on Otley Road Headingley)

Rebel Pin Up (on New York Street)

Paper Dress (on New York Street)

Best Vintage (on New Market Street)

Or email          OR


For further information feel free to contact either:

Victoria Reddington ( or Nadia Burgess (

T: 0113 3944 128

Or visit:!/events/141271342651753/

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Forever Elly Mac, wedding photography

A recent train journey provided me with an amazing opportunity to meet ‘the’ Elly Mac a world known photographer who travels the world through demand of her exceptional skills. This inspirational lady works hard, she has given up the social events, the weekends and fully committed herself to a career in photography, and that’s why Elly gets nominated for prestigious awards. Getting to where she is today has meant spending much time in transit on trains, planes, buses, tubes, taxis and living out of a very small vintage travel bag. It’s not all glamour, fun and games!!

Elly specialises in wedding photography a career that began shooting at friends and family weddings ‘the turning point for me was when I was asked to do one of my sister’s weddings, she had booked a professional but when we compared albums she preferred mine over his’.

There wasn’t so much an inspiration behind Elly’s choice in career rather it was more of an inherent desire to be a photographer. Elly’s Father died whilst she was a baby and it was photographs that provided her with a chance to get to know who he was, his character, and his mannerisms ‘so for me, although he is no longer with us he is forever alive in these images’. Elly believes photography makes people immortal, not only those in the photographs but those who have created them ‘a photograph says just as much about the person behind the camera as it does about the person in front of it. Because of my father’s death, and how important those few images are to me documenting what I see and the world around me is such an integral part of my life (I am also a prolific diary keeper).  Words and images will last forever’.

Over the years Elly has collected and shared some amazing images, skills and information with the world around her. In particular Elly has grown to love and involve the vintage influences with hints of retro dreamy hues. Elly has been appreciating recent work coming out of the West coast of America ‘photographic work is all about soft colour palettes that evoke the innocence of old world love. The dreamy hues refer to the pastel soft colours of the treatments I sometimes apply to images to make them look like they are retro’.

‘I absolutely adore the simplicity of wedding photographs from the 20s through to the 60s, I have a collection of anonymous wedding photographs from this time period that are not posed traditional shots, just the couples being themselves, not following any of the rules of wedding photography because the rules were not established. These images are timeless and so simple they are striking in their effect.  One is of a Paris bride catching a bus from 1961’.  Wedding photography needs to be timeless and it should always look like it was just taken. When Elly says vintage romance she means stripping everything away from the images and just focusing on the intimacy between the couples ‘even the wedding albums I do are inspired by images from the 20s through to the 60s. Black pages with tissue paper, why? Because this is timeless and classic.

Elly’s first wedding photography experience was when she was 15 gaining work experiences with a leading wedding photographer in her town and after this she was self-taught, there was no slowly does it. Elly jumped straight into the deep end never second shot for anyone else or assisted anyone else and that’s the way she likes it, learning the hard way and making mistakes has played a great role in her success. ‘If you do not make mistakes and learn as you go then you are not really pushing your boundaries. If you do make a mistake, then take everything as a learning curve and move on’.

‘When I first started out I was learning how to be photographer, the next main phase was really learning how to run a photography business and this has now all been combined to this new phase I am in which is all about photographing the way I choose to photograph and building the Elly Mac Photos brand. It’ not just physical work that’s involved you need to be a stong person mentally, be driven, motivated and hold a positive can-do attitude. Self-belief has played a key role in Elly’s success ‘believing that I am a fabulous photographer and people will want to pay for my services and also recognising that wedding photography is not just about photographs is about who you are and this can be used to build your brand’. Elly has learnt to be herself with her camera hence having her own fabulous style ‘photograph the way that comes naturally to you and then find the clients who love your style’.

Elly has worked and is still working very hard on her career and shares some words of wisdom ‘anyone going into wedding photography firstly needs to understand that because the majority of your commissions are on weekends, you tend to miss out on a lot of social events and if you are going to travel for work, be mindful of the fact that you could be in a different place every week and you spend a lot of time on transport but you meet some wonderful people whilst out and about, but to be honest I would not have it another way’. Elly hasn’t had a holiday since Christmas 2007 let’s be honest… it’s not as though she hasn’t done her fair share of travelling, recently Elly was in Lake Camo for 4 days (poor Elly) followed by a trip to Paris to meet clients!!

Elly has taught me that being a professional photographer isn’t as glamorous as some may be led to believe, it has its perks as with any job. Professional photographers work very hard so it hurts slightly when Elly hears ill thought comments such as ‘so you’re a wedding photographer, what do you do for the other 6 days of the week?!!’’ I guess people assume that you only work one day a week and that it’s glamorous, that you’re over paid, it’s easy and anyone could do it. People assume that wedding photography is not an art and therefore without skill, I just received a text message from a client who said “You’re a genius, the photographs are amazing” you do not get that reaction from clients without having a talent’ go Elly!!!

Of course Elly has a soft spot piece of equipment a AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G  for when she is out and about.  ‘I tend to carry a camera in my handbag and this lens is just ideal for my style, especially when I do street photography.  When I am shooting weddings I use a combination of prime lens (fixed focus) and zoom lens. A prime lens gives better aperture settings but the zoom is ideal for not missing a moment.   It’s a personal choice really but I am also  Nikon girl all the way’. (Nikon should be all over that comment!!)

Standard…I always ask photographers In general, during a session, how many pictures would you say you take to find “the right one”? Elly responded with the most unique reply in my encounters so far ‘it’s not about finding the right photograph is more about producing a series of images in the allotted time that tell a narrative, whether that’s 2 hours or 12 hours.  I passionately believe that no one photo is more important than the other but together they must tell a story.   I once worked out that I take 3.3 photos per minute which works out to 198 per hour but I can’t stress enough it’s not about taking lots of images in the hope that one works it, it’s about using your time to capture the event without interrupting that event in anyway.  I am there to witness and document a moment in time not interfere and stage manage it’.

Of course I asked Elly if there were any names to look out for in the world of photography to my disappointment her lips are sealed though I’m enjoying the suspense! All I know is those second shooters and assistants of hers will no doubt be of a great standard and having an opportunity to learn form Elly will empower them with what they need to keep on achieving great things!

Thank you so much for your time Elly, it was a privilege meeting you… even though you had no choice in the matter, there was no escaping me that day hey!

To stay up to date with the Elly Mac brand you can follow the brand on Twitter, join the Facebook group or visit her website where booking information is available.

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Little Black Dress Charity Event, great success

The Little Black Dress Fashion and Beauty charity Event was an absolute success and from what I gather everyone enjoyed the Temple Spa hosted event. There was a real buzz of excitement as over 150 fashion and beauty lovers filled the Alea Casino, Clarence Dock, Leeds.

Many ladies were secret santa’s bringing along gifts for 96.3 Radio Aires Cash For Kidz Christmas Appeal in association with Asda. Every year thousands of children across the region wake up on Christmas morning with no presents, its heart breaking and sad to know this really is happening. I don’t think people realise quite how much the Leeds Fashion scene does for charity its constant. Christmas Kisses and the Raffle raised almost £300 – thank you to everyone for your kind support.

Proceeds from the raffle will go to Temple Spa West Yorkshire’s chosen charity, Mercy, a national charity helping young women between the ages of 18-28, suffering from life controlling issues, such as eating disorders, self-harm, depression, and the effects of abuse in all its forms, providing support that tackles the root causes of these issues. Mercy seek to break the cycle of destruction, by helping one young woman at a time find freedom and restoration in a beautiful and safe home-like environment.

Well done to everyone involved in planning and organising the event, what successful and enjoyed evening out with the girls!!

To see more photo’s from the night please check out photo’s on the WildChildMedia Facebook Page also TempleSpa Facebook Page.

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