Marise Maas, a great artist

Marise Maas  a Melbourne based Dutch born artist has been brought to my attention and I’ve been blown away by her work and everything I’ve read about her. I love her pro active attitude ‘don’t talk about it, do it!’.

Marise Maas started out as a print maker (studying at Hobart School of Art) fell into painting after returning to her homeland Holland and when she was dismantling a ’70’s addition to her Amsterdam abode to reveal a lovely high ceiling, she decided to paint on the boards’ and from there onwards the painting continued.

The work is inspired by everyday life not so much people as ‘everything changes when you get to their eyes’, the inspiration is from the everyday ordinary things. In one interview she says “It blows my mind how much there is to see and so many ways of looking at the world,” it’s true the everyday simple things we may take for granted but often they offer bigger stories.

Maas has been based in Melbourne for the past 16 years and has held many exhibitions all over the place  Gallerie Helfensteyn (1995), Amsterdam, The Jackman Gallery Melbourne (1997), Abstractions On Paper, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne (2002)  Contemporaneous: Australian Contemporary Painting 1, Wangaratta Gallery, Vic (2008) Bett Gallery, Hobart (2010) these are a few of the places to see the whole list please visit mickthegallery where you will find out alsorts of information on various artists.

Maas has been inspired and influenced by many amazing artists to name a few are Noel Mckenna, Susan Rothenberg, Carlo Zinelli (who I’ve literally only just known about, love his work) and George Baldessin. In another interview she says who else inspires her other than the obvious ‘people who build houses or boats, good piano players, and people who have an idea or vision and follow it without the worry of social constraints’ hear hear (eek just found out that it’s spelt like that not here here!)

So there’s a little introduction for those of you who were unaware of this fantastic artist an for those of you who are going to be in Sydney between the 27 February -1st April you will be able to visit the Small But Big exhibition  at the MiCK Gallery 44 Gurner Street Sydney.

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