Getting to know Nick Pickles

In a Victor Meldrew voice ‘I just don’t believe it!’ we’re into the second month of 2012… this year is already flying…what’s that about? Are we busier or less susceptible to periods of boredom? As a child I remember how slow 20 minutes seemed when I were waiting it seemed like an age and now 20 minutes is nothing!

Anyway I thought I’d get back in touch with Nick Pickles  Director of Big Brother watch and the winner of PRSwooz multitasker of the year award 2011 to have a bit more a nosey into what he likes and here is what I found out:

How do you stay healthy what foods are you into and what goes into your favourite healthy meals or drink? Is there a preference on where you like to buy your ingredients?

I love sushi, although I have no idea if that counts as healthy or not. Generally I pay minimal attention to what I eat or drink, I just try balance it all out with the gym. We’re not exactly blessed with shopping choice in SW2, so I tend to rely on trips to Sainsbury’s when I’m heading home from work!

What’s your favourite cocktail to make and what’s your favourite cocktail to have made for you and where makes them best?

I tend not to make cocktails – unless a G&T counts – but if I’m out and about, a Tom Collins is probably my favourite. The best one I’ve ever had was a place called ‘Milano’ just off Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, so it’s not exactly a regular haunt…

Who is your favourite celebrity at the moment and if you could have a celebrity wardrobe whose would you want most and why? If you had to pick a celebrity body whose would you have?

I find the whole celebrity culture thing pretty insane to be honest, it’s become something to be famous for in itself rather than as a result of actually been successful at something. Joey Barton’s been pretty comical lately, but in terms of fashion I haven’t a clue! (either in actual terms or which celebs influence me.) As for celebrity bodies it’s not something I really think about so I’ll be obvious and say Daniel Craig simply as 007 still has an air of cool about him!

Where do you like to dine out most and are there different dinning’s for different occasions?

Absolutely, I love thai food but it’s not the kind of meal you want on a night out with mates – that tends to be a steak restaurant or a curry. I do really enjoy cooking though so I tend to do that more often than I eat out, if for no other reason it means I avoid paying London restaurant prices for a decent bottle of wine!


What are you reading at the moment? What’s your favourite TV show and why? Are there any bloggers that have recently caught your attention…other than myself of course…he he!!

I’m currently flipping between the Alan Partridge book and Tom Bingham’s ‘The Rule of Law.’ In terms of TV shows I’ve been watching loads of old Spitting Image and The Day Today recently, but also I’m hooked on The Walking Dead and still love The Simpsons.

Blogger wise I’ve not stumbled across many in a while, I recently came across the for a legal perspective and tend to read the FT’s Westminster blog much more than I used to. For music I’ve come to find The Quietus pretty indispensible, although they’d probably say it was some kind of online cultural collective rather than a blog, the pretentious swine.

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution, if so what was it and has it lasted?

I did, and so far it has stuck – I simply said I needed to do more of less, and say ‘No’ sometimes!

Have you got any travelling planned, if so what location/s are calling? What do you like to do most when you’re on holiday?

I really want to go back to Iceland when it isn’t the middle of winter, but I think this year if I get a holiday (I haven’t sunbathed on a beach since 2005…) I definitely want some sunshine.

If you could travel in time forward or backwards what year would you like to be a part of and why?

I’d probably say 1960, simply because I can’t imagine a better time to be either in politics or music photography. JFK’s campaign and election, the civil rights movement, Macmillan’s ‘Winds of Change’ speech in South Africa, and at the same time Elvis and the Beatles take the first steps in their careers. Having said that, I’d be tempted to say 1979 simply for the chance to see what Britain was like before Thatcher took power, and I would have got to see Joy Division.

To keep up to date with Nick Pickles follow him on Twitter, read his blog, keep an eye on the Big Brother Campaign and be blown away by his amazing photography. Recentlyhe got to shoot The Maccabees…not at all jealous!! anyway I can live it through the eye of the lens!!

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