Interview with Katie Newsam Fashion Designer

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this years LFS in particular Katie Newsam one of my favourite designers, you can spot her designs a mile off. Her designs are so unique and inspiring. This year I covered one of Lara Ostertag’s events held in conjunction with LFS, it was here that I was lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of what could be expected at the 2011 ‘Dress Me Beautiful’ event and of course I really coudn’t wait to see what she would be showcasing(you maybe expecting more to say but literally had to wait like everyone else!!).

I managed to share some of Katie Newsam’s time and got to find out a little bit more about this fabulous designer…

Have you got a favourite leeds bar?

I’ve not really been to many bars in leeds I love Epernay though (classy, nice choice in bar lot’s of bubbles!!)
Have you got a quote of the moment?

Yes…“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

I was always interested in art at school and then started to look more into fashion illustration and that’s what I based my final collection around, then when I started looking into courses at college I came across fashion studies and knew straight away that what I wanted to do.
What is the inspiration behind your collection?

The collection takes inspiration from the English equestrian dating back to the edwardian period. I exagerate basic shapes and lines and add a new depth and sophistication with a hint of androgyny ( yes and that means… Androgyny is a term derived from the Greek words ανήρ, stem ανδρ- (anér, andr-, meaning man) and γυνή (gyné, meaning woman), referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. This may be as in fashion, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle, or it may refer to biologically inter-sexed physicality, especially with regards to plant and human sexuality)!!!!

What were your first job experiences?

My first job experiences was my short work experience at Pollyanna in Barnsley whilst I was sudying at Lincoln University, even though it was more about fashion buying and retail it was a great experience to get to work along side Rita Britton who is hugely influencial in not just Barnsley but wordwide.

How did you transition to being a designer? What was the process?

When I completed my degree I wanted to expand on my collection more and then decided to look into design jobs,that’s when I started working at moo part time, the boutique is really unique offering a bespoke service on clothing, bags and accessories .

Its’ been a really good opportunity working at moo because I get to see when a customer comes to me for a bespoke order and then they get the designers there to finish off the look with all the matching leather bags and accesories so the whole look can be truly unique.

You have started your own clothing range, how does designing your own label differ from working for a large corporation?

I’ve never worked for a large corporation I’ve worked on my collection ever since leaving uni. I knew I’d find it hard to get a job in the fashion industry where Iwould be able to work to my full potential so I decided to work on my portfolio, promote my self doing some shows, photoshoots and start selling clothes.

How would you describe your clothing range?

My clothing range is quite diverse I think my strong point is my creativity I love to design collections that have no boundaries but I also love to make ready to wear clothing. Also my clothes aren’t mass porduced  so I design and make every garment myself because most of my clothes are one offs which I think makes my clothes that bit more special.

So a short, sweet and informative interview with Katie Newsam for more information about Katie and to see more of her fabulous designs visit her website, Facebook page- Katie Newsam  and follow her on Twitter.

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