Fashion Design, the interview some do’s and don’ts

I found this information whilst reading Fashion Design by Sue Jenkyn Jones and felt it would be rude not to share what I found in her book…

‘Do some homework on the company so that you have a reasonable idea of its history, product line and market.

Make sure you know exactly where to go, and arrive in plenty of time so that you are not hot and flustered. You are likely to be nervous, so collect your thoughts quietly and run over the key things you would like to say or ask your interviewer about the company or the job.

How you dress will make an impression, but don’t over do it. Wearing one of your own creations is appropriate, providing it is not out-of-place. Do not smoke or chew gum or make jokes. Try not to fiddle with your hair or fidget. Good posture and good body language will demonstrate confidence.

Be honest about your skills and back up your strengths with examples from your portfolio. Some companies will be prepared to give you training in specialist areas, so do not pretend you can do things you cannot.

A friendly, flexible and persevering demeanour can work wonders. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Look on any job as an opportunity to learn and develop new skills and talents. Smile and make eye contact.

Ask about aspects of the job that you do not understand or which have not been mentioned, such as working hours and number of people to whom you would report. Ask about how the job could develop in the future. It is not wise to appear to eager to discuss wages, pick your moment.  Don’t however accept the job without knowing the financial package .

Don’t appear either too cool or too desperate. Even if you have other job offers do not talk about these at length. The company will want to hear that you are primarily interested in it.

Do not leave your portfolio behind to be looked at by someone who is absent. Always make another appointment. Not all companies are honest.

If you are not successful on this occasion don’t be disheartened. An ability to bounce back and believe in yourself and the skills you have worked hard to achieve will be recognised sooner or later’.

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