I recently went to Amsterdam and visited the Heineken factory, I was so impressed with the simple yet effective and memorable tour. As a PR student I found this very enlightening.

I haven’t been to any other factories however I have been asking around and so far I don’t think any experiences top Heineken. They have got the plan right, the tour was well planned and full of interesting moments…ranging from the basic history to being able to experience what it would be like to be a part of the making of the beer better known as Brew U…this is done through a 4D simulator type experience. Simple, creative and easy. Who will forget that..even if they thought it was pants and what a good conversation starter for the lager louts in the pub!!

Of course we got free beer and discovered that whilst the british “professional beer drinkers” are complaining about the head not being enough…well boys and girls …i discovered that good head is essential in keeping the beer fresh and tasty, I rekon a good inch and a half. Plus if you’re a real pro you’ll have one of the spatula looking things to swipe across the top of the beer before presenting to the potential lout!!!


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