Radian6 an essential to your success with social media

” Brand ownership is no longer solely the domain of the institution, manage your social media strategy and empower your team” Radian6

Wise words from Radian6 as we have entered a new era for the business world, an era that is and will change the way your business runs. Social media is all about conversations and no one, not even you can avoid these.

The world has just got larger yet closer in terms on intelligence and gossip so it’s fundamental that companies know exactly what is being said about them and in what context, see the opportunities and eliminate the threats. It’s not just about you’re own brand but about your competitors and the industry in general, you can get a head start at a miraculous speed with platfroms such as Radian6 who specialise in analysing web data, a job that consumes a whole organisations efforts so if you believe you can add to your teams work load you could well be making a big mistake… as morals drop and stress levels increase plus if you’re going to get involved with the ultimate social media do it properly and keep your competitive edge sharp.

Radian6 are passionate about what they do and are experts when it comes to listening in to customers and communities. These guys know how to analyse strategically and have the ability to measure the success and most importantly know exactly how to become an engaging brand.

 The company is is diverse and covers a broad range of sectors such as Public Relations, marketing, managing, customer service and sales.

So what sets Radian6 apart from the others and how will it give you an advantage?

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Scan over 100 million sites and sources, from blogs and comments to photos, videos, forums, public Facebook groups, and Twitter.
  • Get real-time, relevant results pushed right to your dashboard, so you never miss a relevant post.
  • We do the post aggregation for you, so results easy to read, distribute, share and analyze, without the time-consuming legwork.

Metrics, Filtering & Segmentation

  • Slice, segment, filter and parse your social media data to view and measure it through dozens of lenses.
  • Look at metrics like sentiment, engagement, reach, inbound links, vote count or comment count.
  • Home in on or exclude specific sets of sites for ultra-targeted analysis.
  • Filter your results by media type, geographic region, or any of ten international languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Simple Chinese and Russian.

Influencer Analysis

  • Our customizable Influencer EQ scores influencers according to criteria you specify – criteria that’s relevant to your business.
  • View influencers by media type to get a broader picture of who is talking about you on what channels.
  • Drill down into data like comments, posts, or links, and see other social profiles for each influencer across the web.
  • Target your engagement and outreach to the people and media outlets that drive your business goals.

Workflow and Engagement Management

  • Assign and route posts within your team, and track engagement and response right from the dashboard.
  • Set up email or IM alerts – either as-it-happens or in regular intervals – so you and your clients can stay on top of the activity.
  • Use post and source tags to create a “social web caller ID” system, and segment results for in-depth reporting and analysis.
  • Communicate and collaborate internally on outreach and information sharing so your team is armed with all the context and intelligence they need.

Social CRM and Web Analytics Integration

  • Align social media with your sales, account, and website efforts with just a few clicks.
  • Create Salesforce.com contacts, leads, or support cases right from your River of News.
  • Use WebTrends integration to filter social media content by web stats like site visits, conversions, or purchases.
  • Understand the context and content of posts that are driving the website actions and results you want.

Want to know if Radian6 is the right listening platform for you? Sign up for a webinar demo today and take a test drive.

Still need more information? Check out their Product Applications section or learn how Radian6 helps you Listen, Measure and Engage.


One thought on “Radian6 an essential to your success with social media

  1. Thank you for the kind words! We are definitely passionate about actively listening.

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

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