Work Experience with Paskett PR

Whilst working for Paskett PR my fascination for understanding what really goes on behind the scenes has been lifted and transformed into a hunger for more hands on PR experience.

As a trainee account executive I found the role varied and challenging.Working alongside  Gemma Sharpe was an invaluable experience as I learnt how write press releases, deal with media enquiries, manage and maintain media contacts and databases, create feature articles and contribute to compiling and creating newsletters.

Whilst working there I worked with different accounts promoting new products and implementing  marketing strategies and publicity campaigns. In addition I secured media coverage in a variety of outlets inclusive of newspapers, magazines and online outlets. Clients included John Deere, Westland Horticulture, Muller Europe, Briggs & Stratton, Carbon Gold and a number of retail centres. My experience was split fairly evenly between the agricultural industry and the retail sector. All the clients were great to work with in particualar John Deere since I was included in meetings at the HQ Langar, Nottigham which is where I got to meet members of the John Deere team and experience the wonderful John Deere culture.

Working for Paskett PR was a priceless experience which has kick started my understanding of how a PR professional communicates with businesses and consumers, B2B and B2C.

And to the right we have the hapy Paskett Team.

By the way if you have anything you would like to be actively publicised online through prswooz please do leave a comment with your details and I’ll get in touch.

I love writing articles, reading and publicising online…it’s rather satisfying!!

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