I love the music scene, I meet  awesome people with many amazing, funny stories and share some great memories. Recently I can’t help but notice the word ‘MCAT‘ is the new word on the scene. This is a new drug out on the street that can be bought in shops, it’s referred to as a ‘legal high’. The drug is better known as ‘meow’,’ mieow’, mephedrone, ‘mcat’, ‘4mmc’ the list goes on.

Mcat , meow meow is a stimulant, according to sources it’s a similar experience to that of MDMA, it gives you a sense of euphoria. Some people said they felt  in love with the world, even with people they never met before. Meow sounds like a right ball, shame I don’t feel the love for it. The words used to describe feelings on this drug were, excited, energetic, alert, chatty, confident etc. It all sounds wonderful but are people really aware of what they are taking?!! Ur No!!!

I recently read a post or a report on a drug forum, it’s well written but I’m not sure the content has really been thought out.It gives a good account of some one experimenting with an unknown new drug but it also seems to have selling points. The individual has had a good time and really gets this message out to its’ viewers, things happened to this individual that had not happened before i.e. being more accurate with his typing and better at drumming. Mind you if one is under the influence anything could sound better, when I’m tiddly or slightly further than that I’m so convinced at the time that I sound great, I can’t believe some of the ideas I can come up with and the logic that follows…things make sense but in reality and in the cold light of day I was slurring my words and believing in rediculous stuff. Taking a drug isn’t going to make you better at everything, well it may do in your head for a while but soon, you’ll probably just ruin what you already had, you may even become slow…no one knows….yet, don’t let it be you to be the one to find out.

So my point is that if you’re under the influence you can believe anything, drugs do things to your mind, chemicals are released, imbalances occur, reactions happen hence people thinking they really can fly!!

Mcat has not been around for long and just because it is supposedly legal, people instantly assume that it is safer when infact no one knows, I wouldn’t like to make a bold statement right now but my thoughts are leaning towards this drug being particularly bad. I know of two cases where young people have taken the drug and had effects such as passing blood through their urine, kidneys are killing and have been really poorly;  all been since they met mcat, they only had a few goes and are certain the drug has caused health problems, they are both seeing doctors as they are that concerned, when I can find out more info I will update this post.

Anyway if you are reading this please please think about it, if you’re curious or you have tried it but havent experienced health problems please stop now, I have a real passion against this drug, if you mess up on it how are doctors supposed to help you? They don’t know anything about it, if anything you are volunteering to be the lab rats.

Click on this for further interesting reading, you will see that there have been bad experiences with vicious side effects, also no one seems to know much, responses to the intial post

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233 thoughts on “MCAT, MEOW MEOW, DON’T DO IT

  1. Andy says:

    I tried this so called “LEGAL” drug “Mkat”..

    All i want to say to anyone who wants to try it dont!!!!

    i heard about it from my friend and i thought well if its legal its fine..
    so i got around 5 gram between 4.. one started takeing panic attacks the other was sick everywhere and scared, me and the other friend were just how can i put it in a bad way… please if you are thinking about trying this dont!! its not pleasent.. this stuff should and will become a class A drug..

    i feel stupid for takeing this and letting my friends do it……

    its not worth it trust me i was the lab rat!.. i hope this message will help anyone out there thats thinking of takeing this..

    please dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • prswooz says:

      Thanks for your input, I’m constantly trying to explain the bad effects, it seems bad effects are getting more and more common, more so than any other drug. People I speak to just say…’all drugs are bad for you Suzie’ I know this but this drug and GHB I have a real attachment to, they stand out more than anything else. One person messing up is one thing but when a group of you react to something in scary ways a bold statement about the substance suddenly becomes very clear. Use your story when you can, it may make a dofference, even it’s only one person, you could be saving a life or saving someone a life of suffering.

      • Anything that influences your brain is not excatly good for you, we are only human. In order to learn we must make mistakes and unfortunately lives can be effected in negative ways.
        People can be aware of effects but information is not necessarily going to stop something, people will always do what they want to do. It’s like STI’s people still have unprotected sex even though heavy campaigning is going on all around us constantly, our personal experiences are what make our destiny so with drugs whatever it maybe, its personal experinece that will have a stronger effect.

      • Nicky says:

        Hi everyone,
        I’ve dabbled with drugs in the past, speed, coke, mushrooms, weed, couple of pills and have always been fine with it. Stopped taking drugs because I have a daughter now.
        Anyway a week ago I was out with my mate and she got hold of some mcat from her bf, wasn’t planned and I stupidly took some, the biggest line i’ve ever done and made my eye water so bad and my nose kill. About two minutes after that everything felt REALLY weird and bad, I had to get out of the club because I felt totally out of control and felt everything was closing in on me, I litterally thought I was going to die because I did way too much. My mate followed me out and I thought all my life has been led up to this and this is how I’m going to die, right here on the street, never ever been so scared in all my life, my daughter was the main thing in my head but a thousand other thoughts were racing through my mind, I felt outside my body and couldn’t breathe properly, everything looked so blurry and I was so dizzy, my heart was racing so fast and I kept telling my mate to give me her phone so I could phone an ambulance. She kept telling me I was fine but I knew I wasn’t, I’d heard of people dying off this shit. In the end she gave it to me. The ambulance came and I was so so scared, I kept having spasms and I am so grateful for the ambulance man for calming me down. I ended up in A&E on a drip and had to have my heart traced, still spasming for ages and my face must of looked so strange! I’m surprised I still have my teeth. In the end I started to feel better and got out of hospital 3pm the next day, all my friends and especially my mum dad and brother were so worried and as far as they’re concerned i had my drink spiked, never felt so ashamed in all my life!
        Monday was back to work, could still feel my teeth grinding but was ok. Got a phonecall while working from hospital, they wanted me to go back for more blood tests because they had come back abnormal and thought it was something to do with my blood clotting, thankfully they were ok when i had some more. I would urge everyone not to do this, it is very nasty, and like i said before I’ve done drugs in the past and never had a bad side affect from them. If you don’t do it for yourself, think about your family and friends it so isnt worth it, the feeling of dying is still with me now, a feeling that is un describable xx

      • I have done this drug about 10 times, although i am almost 9 months clear of it. I no a lad who sniffs mkat almost every day of his life and he has started having brain seizers because of it. I have also been there when his nose has started pouring with blood( when on the drug and off). Despite all this he continues to take this drug as often as he did before all this happened, i am starting to think that he wont be around much longer because its getting that bad!

    • chardonay says:

      i have tryed mkat a few times over a couple of months and i think its a gd little buz i have never had any side effects from it as i take it in moderation, coz with every drug including alcohol if u abuse it, it will abuse u. ive seen my mates abuse mkat and they have bin bad off it one started tripping and two other people got very sore mouths ulcer type sores. because they abused the drug and took to much, where as i take in small doses have a buz and have no side effects. so to sum it up i think a liitle is ok. but if u take loads thats when it WILL FUCK U UP. its ur life ur body if u take this stuff then its down to u and its the risk ur taking!

      • prswooz says:

        I like what you say and really understand that, things in moderation is that classic line though that apparently makes sense. Atleast with alcohol there have been years of data collecting, testing and there are large amounts of facts, figures and evidence that enable information such as’ you can drink in moderation’ to be presented to publics as a fact. At the doctors you can pick up a leaflet that will have units per alcoholic drink witht the effects etc. The point behind Mcta is that no one actually knows a thing it’s all hear say here and there, this blog post is the closest I can get to coming to an assumption, more and more people are giving their opinions and experiences maybe in about 6 months some trends will become apparent. You sound like you’ve got a good head on you bit don’t forget the lack of knowledge behind Mcat.

      • prswooz says:

        Hey happy new year thankyou for your time

      • nikki says:

        Wot the biggest loads of bollx i have ever read !!!!!! You immature selfish child .. Grow up what kind of an example is this shit i am reading to any youths that are thinkin about trying i
        t !!!!! I… just hope you have never lost a loved 1 to any kind of illegal high ….. well you obviously haven’t because you would never be talking like this … disgraceful!!!

    • L says:

      im not surprised you had bad reactions… look how much you took !
      1 gram between three is good enough !

      • hedonist says:

        0.25 is about the most you should take, especially if its your first bash. no wonder you were all ill! L’s spot on with that one.

      • em says:

        Hi, yeah L is so right there….some of my friends got 14 gram between 3 of them!!! they did it all within 24 hours and were ill for the next couple of weeks having to take time off work to recover, not good! I have tried it myself but i only a few times and a small amount, maybe a gram at very most over 24 hours, i don’t think ir over do it and yet i still have had this horrible feeling of my chest tightening and not being able to breath properly. That is the only bad side effect i’ve had off it though but im still debating on wether i would risk taking it again after doing more research on it.

      • em says:

        Oh and i forgot to mention the cough….everytime iv taken it i get an awful cough that lasts about 3/4 days….why is that i wonder????

    • Zad says:

      Yesterday night, I tried MCAT. I had a lot to drink and all my friends said it was fine, legal and just gave you a thirty minute buzz.

      Stupidly, I tried it. I got sick straight away, felt very paranoid and despite being tired only could sleep for four hours. I kept wanting to smoke, and I spoke absolute rubbish all night to randomness. I was an idiot. It never made me happy, just reminded me of problems, and if my mate wasn’t there i’d be a lot worse!

      Sound like fun?

      Don’t take it!

    • Sean says:

      MCAT is bad, it’s messing up my life.

      I’ve pretty much bashed it since just before Christmas. I’m normally the level headed moral one. This stuff though. It’s so damn fun and so damn good it makes you stay up all night. I’m missing work and I can’t be bothered to do things like the gym or my Tae kwon do.

    • adam says:

      well in regards for this i think it is bloody fantastic iam a firm beleaver of trying new things and i give this 10/10 and recomend it to any 1 the affects are very simular to exctasy but with hardley any come down so happy sniffing….

    • Cheryl says:

      When i first heard of this mcat it was cheap and was legal so i wanted it to try it. When it first kicked in it made me feel good and loving and as soon as it kicked in gave my boyfriend a kiss and thought it was great stuff BUT another time i took it it makes you grind your teeth makes me clench my fists act weird can effect people differently and the LAST EVER time i took it i dont remember but i scared everyone!! I collapsed on the floor went into a fit banged my head on the floor a million times and everyone told me after i was meowin like a cat kicking and wriggling around and scared everyone! I still go dizzy when i lay back cost i must of banged it so many times! Other people say nothing like that happened to them bit now people are dying after takin it you always think it wouldnt happen to you but if you had a fit like i did made a right idiot of myself and scared everyone si i would NEVER do it again if it happened to you you wouldnt niether!

    • matty chaloner says:

      well iv looked at all of your comment about mkat and to be honest me and my friends have takin large amounts of it and had no bad things happen to us non of us have any heath issues and we have all had great times on it. but every one is effected in different ways but it is an unstable drug and its not safe long term so be safe and taked it at ur own risk, i did and it was amazing 🙂

    • luke says:

      how many times did u take it iv been taking it for 5 weeks and i aint had any bad affects except ill once

    • mike says:

      I’ve been taking it for 3 month and I would advise any1 not to start. It is very addictive and you find yourself on 3 day sessions. I”ve even considered suicide on days after it!!!!!

  2. Andy says:

    I was one of these people who always said try everything once. I take it all back!.. Can anyone tell me why ”mkat” isint banned? Am still geting side effects and it was 3 days ago since I done it my 3 friends also.. I got told a story today about a guy who stays local who took around 10 grams in the same weekend. He ended up with a hole in the top of his gums.. That aint right!…

    • hedonist says:

      a girl near me snorted it regularly and it ended up burning the back of her eye making her blind in it!
      bleach is legel too?

      • suesam says:

        i have been taking mcat for about a year always enjoying it having a great time they about 2 months ago it was the cyrstals insteat of the powder.I started to notive i was getting sore eyes after being n it ,then 2 wks ago i woke up with a very sore left eye went to the docs on the thurs rushed up the hospital on the fri then had to be rushed up again only to be transfered to another hospital to see an eye specialiest.By this time my left eye was so swollen it was like a small slit and the pain was like getting stabbed in the eye everytime my eye moved,when the hosp got my eye open i couldn’t see a thing i was terrified.They said that it looked like a very bad reaction to something,also since Jan i have not had a norm blood result plz give me advice should i go tell my doc what i have been taking xx

      • prswooz says:

        Hi there,

        I would recommend making your doctor aware, everything you tell your doctor is in strict confidence so it will remain between you and the doctor. You may as well put your mind at ease instead of wondering about the what ifs etc. Your health is so important and precious. It could be nothing and simply coincidence, you have nothing to lose by asking. Hope this is helpful x

    • bumfluff says:

      I know some one who has died from taking this drug soooo dont do it

  3. Jodie says:

    i have taken this drug, an to be honest i think it is aminzing! the effects that it has on is you is immence such as confedence boosts when your shy ECT. every thing around you looks better and you feel lovey and want to hug and kiss every one even people you’ve not met for ages. when your under the influence of “Mkat” it is simmilar to MDMA and the effects are very simmilar as myt friend told me. at the end of the day the people who are posting these comments have only had one try of this substance and the fact that this drug is legal doesnt make it okay to take i no that but compared to the other drugs it is amazing! yes it may be lethal but at the moment Mkat is the new trend and im having fun with it. the good thing is i no my limets.

    • prswooz says:

      I’ve tried it, I know exactly what it’s like, it is a great false euphoria ….and makes your face do gymnastics and your teeth want to drop out the next day. I won’t do it again purely because I’ve researched it and seen bad things happen to other people. Anyway how can you know your limits, you don’t know the drug, you may have taken it but you don’t know all the chemicals in it and I’m sure you don’t know what they do to you. Are you aware that its mollecular structure is similar to that of crystal meph it’s not that different meaning it can become very addictive. I guess some people react and some don’t a bit like anything, how can you know when or how you will react, perhaps it’s doing something to you slowly. Anyway I wish you all the best with it and hope it brings no harm to you. It’s being made illegal for a reason and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets to be a class A sometime soon. Thanks for yiur time xx

    • prswooz says:

      Roger Kevinsteinbach!!! What a meany!!!! You have got a point though!!!

      • freezepop says:

        I’ve taken it 3 times now and i do understand that it isn’t good for you and is extremely moreish when the buzz starts to wear off but it does make you feel amazing. Out of all the time i’ve taken it the most i’ve taken in one night is between 3/4’s of a gram – a gram and tit made me stay awake for a good 34 hours, however i mixed it with a few pills so this may be why i couldn’t sleep. It was so horrible not being able to sleep because mentally i was so tired but my legs just wouldn’t stop moving, i just wanted to dance. It was such an amazing buzz that i got from it though, you just feel really warm and fuzzy and talk really fast about anything and just want to dance dance dancee. I think the reason why people are getting really ill off it because they’re taking so much… i wouldn’t take more than a gram in a night even though i do crave more, i just overcome it and make sure i dont have more than a gram on me to be tempted by. I say if you’re curious, try it once or twice but i would only reccommend no more than a gram in a night, unless you want to be up for days and fuck yourself over. Tonight will be my last time taking it because i think i’ve had a good experience of this new drug.. or so called trend and i don’t want to get addicted… so heres to a good night and take it easy on it guys… don’t go doing 5 grams in one weekend like i heard someone on here write… no wonder he had a hole in his gums!! xx

      • prswooz says:

        wise words freezepop, you sound like a wise person atleast you really do recognise there is an easy and worrying addiction just waiting for the more vulnerable personalities. Hope you have a good night xx

  4. Andy says:

    Sadly I have took mkat more than once. I just didnt relise how bad it was until I took to much and for about 4 ngts after that my mouth was in pain.. I understand why people like it.. The feeling is amazeing.. But just as the comment said above it can get addictive and it can cause harm… It was made for plants maybe it should stay like that… Am only posting these msgs to try and stop people trying this as Me and a group of friends ended up ill.. Jodie you wil soon relise it is extreamly bad for you.

  5. Kieron says:

    this drug is crazy !! when some one told me it was legal i was onit ! i has 2 gram of it and i was up for 2 days thort i was going to die it is the same as MDMA but 50% worse … iv taken drugs in the past and nothing is as strong as this.. dont have a clue why it is legal ? ? the next day me chest was tight my heart was beating and coughing up blood lost weight ect not good fact ! ! ! !

    • prswooz says:

      Thanks Kieron for your comments more of these and hopefully we can have an affect on peoples’ decision, this stuff is really bad, I know all drugs are bad for you but this one really does stand out from the rest, any more horror stories please let me know, even its not mcat, I’m interested to hear about experiences. Have a good one.

      • Diane h says:

        I’ve just discovered my 17 year old daughter has had m cat it’s really scared me. She’s smoked weed before now but can’t understand why anyone would want to do something that messes with your head this much!??

  6. pty001 says:

    after reading all comments about this substance, i want to ask these ppl, how much have you taken?

    Everyone said they have taken more than 2g! I began to wonder whether these ppl took too many,which leads to bad consequences.

    • prswooz says:

      You do have a valid point there!!! The bit about somone taking 10 grams was always going to result on a bad outcome, a hole in the mouth. The line ‘everything in moderation’ but the problem with the drug is that it can’t be taken in moderation if you’re growing addicted to it, and it is an addictive drug. that’s the point, if someone has excellent self control and dabbles once in ablue moon …it doesn’t make it right but it does mean they reduce risks!! The people that find it amazing and have the ‘time of their life’ on it are the ones that are most vulnerable. anyway I’m sure you’ll have fun but whose to say it will be the same everytime.

  7. curtis ball from hucknall says:

    HIYA every body i am A lad from hucknall nottingham i no 2 of these people on here who has commented …. sadley i hav not taken the drug and i realy want it because i wont the buzz of a life time …. me and my good friend kirk tomlinson are having some 2 gram 2 nyt and i wonna feel like death the next day LMAO … nah iv heard it is lethal we will have to find out and see … …

  8. Fatman says:

    Just wanted to say I think it’s great you are asking the right questions and calling for more awareness about this substance…I for one, will stick to doing poppers underneath the desk in A-Level Politics class…….(ahem) ;p

  9. Fatman says:

    The BEST days 😉 X

  10. LADY LOVER says:

    I tried it for the first time 2 nights ago, Got to say it was the best buzz i have had for ages.Kills your nose when sniffing it but after a few minutes when it kicks in its great, I just wanted to dance , couldnt stop talking everything i touched felt amazing I recomend it for anyone wanting to top there night although i do say expect a long night as i havnt slept for 30odd hours now best thing is though i have had no comedown, next day fine although tierd without sleep, also done it again tonite was all good better buzz as i was with friends who were trying it first time aswell.

    • prswooz says:

      So far so good Lady lover!! I’m just trying to recommend being warey of it, I understand it makes you feel great but just be aware that things that make you feel great can become a regular habit. Thanks for comment, I appraciate your opinion

  11. i want it again i love it hehe meowww x

    • prswooz says:

      ha ha your nuts, so the chest pains etc. don’t put you off?!! Which reminds me, I was thinking about the images on cigarette packs, I really don’t think they make a difference, you note it, and look away just like bad side effects from drugs don’t put people off, I guess it takes a dice with death to have impact!!! hmmmm keep me posted Kieron I want to hear about all your adventures!!!

    • prswooz says:

      Yo, thankyou for posting Happy New Year

  12. LADY LOVER says:

    Yeah i know mate but i also know that it is very adictive thats why i would never do it regular, once a month at the very leaste to be honest 🙂

  13. The Devil says:

    HMMM, had a couple of sniffs during a heavy pill session so not so sure of its worth, my mates reckon its the dogs so gonna have another go this weekend minus any other A class, will let you know my findings, over n out!

  14. i cant get off it now i love the catttttttttt wowowowowowowowwwwwwwwwww PARTYYY ONNN IM GONNA HAVE IT EVERYDAY TIL XMAS EVES !!! WOWW 2010 LICKHEAD TIME

  15. kieron says:

    Nah do i fuck thats curtis been a fool … yh it does put me off ! dont listen to him any body hes bad news ! !

  16. kieron you’ve lost it mate! im clean as a whistle now a days ! just a few beers 4 me and the odd spliff, gets me buy, chill out man, peace im out check me bak

  17. Andy says:

    Hey you guys am a student at Nottingham University and tried this the other night with my mates. Felt a lot like a mix of MDMA and cocaine with the molecular structure of neither. This drug seems like it can very dangerous IN THE WRONG HANDS. There are a few words i’m sure you’ve heard before, and this goes for every single drug in the world..”Drugs are only as dangerous as the person taking it” Think about it..

    We split about 5 grams between 12 of us so its a little under half a gram each, and we had an amazing night (All 12 of us). We were RUINED! Gurning our way through the night, loving the world and the people we were with etc. Nobody suffered any serious side effects..ALTHOUGH… i dunno what it is about it…somethings just a bit, odd. I cant explain this, but its certainly not as good as MDMA (cheaper though, and next day delivery isnt bad ;))

    Anyway, just thought i’d give my 2 centsxx

    • prswooz says:

      Thankyou Andy, I’m loving the feedback, some of it is so conflicting, anyway, you just be careful. No research has been taken out with this drug so just bare that in mind, you’re not sensible but in the mcat world your figures sound it!!! worrying!!hope all continues to be fun and keep me posted with any more antics….. have you any footage??? I’m interested in the gurn, don’t go out of your way though, I definatly don’t encourage this dabbling unless of course its my friends…beer, wine and yeiger bombs!!! xx

    • Kyle Duncan says:

      Hey, I’m also from Nottingham and really love the whole scene right now. Stealth is where it’s at in this City – the music and the mcat go hand in hand. But in terms of dosage, I just wish people would be careful. I’m not here to promote taking drugs, I’m just here to say to those who are read what Andy says and take note. There’s no need to take anything more than gets you to a happy place.

      The other night, most of my friends and I had just over half a gram and stuck to water. One of my friends got so damn drunk he took 1.5 grams, which I know isn’t a lot, but unfortunately for him his body doesn’t agree with the make up of mcat. He fainted on me as we waited for a cab at 5.30am. I rested him on the floor, we all put our coats over him/under his head as he fitted. It was the most scary moment of my entire life, so I just wanna share this and want people to understand.

      I know it’s such a great buzz, but please, when you feel that buzz leave it for a while because anything you overdose on is deadly. Drink five bottles of vodka and see how your health goes. Anyways, he was in hospital until five hours ago, and he’s missed his exam at Buxton (Derby Uni). If you are gonna take this, do it in moderation guys, just be careful. This has scared a lot of my friends and they won’t touch it again. I know when to stop so my opinion is I still want that feeling but “drugs are only as dangerous as the people taking them”

  18. Harvey says:

    I am 16 just to let you know and people only started to get hold of mcat about 4 months ago in my town, and me and my friends have been on it since it came out, many of us going from thurday to monday morning with little/no sleep or food. At first it was great, a cheap drug that was better than almost anything I had tried before. It made our weekend sessions great, with everyone being loved up at the same time. But now, it is getting out of hand. The first thing we all noticed was the physical effects, my nose and mouth are in a bad state, with random nose bleeds and scabs on the cartlidge of my nose and it constantly being blocked up. My mouth is even worse, my tounge and lips have little cuts and gashs all over and little white ulsers on the inside of my mouth. My eyes always look tierd and I have lost alot of weight and its not just me who’s expericing this. But now it is getting out of hand, non of us are the same, the drug is messing with our heads. It has made me become paranoid, and when im not on it and up my thoughts are depressing and im always worrying about stuff. One of my friends has gone really weird, he isn’t the same at all, he’s very shifty and paranoid, he hardly speaks anymore and just yesterday we came upstairs to find him pulling up the carpet because he was “looking for something”. And another of my friends keeps experiencing very scary panic attacks. And recently when taking with drugs like ketamine, the trips we have been experiencing have been very disturbing. I want to stop, and so do a few of my friends, but everytime I have tried i fail. I’m not addicted but it im not leaving my friends, and everytime we get together I end up taking it out of boredom or because everyone else is on it.
    I would like to write more, becauase there is so much to write about what happens, but i cannot think straight at the moment. All I can say is, don’t get carried away with it, stop while your ahead.

    • prswooz says:

      Hey Harvey dude!!! I so understand what you are saying. I haven’t started writing about drugs for no reason, I have taken them and been fooled by them, I have been lucky in that “it just came to me” I’m not sure what but I just looked around and kept thinking I don’t want to be part of this, I don’t need this, Im better than this…and it’s true I am. I’m 25 and have taken my fair share of naughties when clubbing though when I lost my father I found a new use..not to feel the beats but to block out life!!
      Its’ been really difficult to get out of it as most of my “friends” were users I say were as we are no longer friends!!! read on!!!…….. We had a circle and getting wrecked is what we had in common as soon as I saw something different I became ” the weird one” “false”, “strange” and a “hypocrit”, I can take that it’s fine. I was so upset at first and then I realised, why am I upset? Because I’m not off my face all the time I’m not good company…I get it…and you know what I’m over it, I don’t hurt any more, I juts feel sad for the ones that haven’t grown or got out of it. So when you say you’re not addicted…I’m not sure what to think as mcat has a similar molecular structure to crystal meph, an awful drug with awful consequences that is also highly addictive!!! Anyway it sounds as though you have a cheeky habit!!!!Maybe I am wrong but when you get wrecked cos everyone ese has are you thoughtful, do you really enjoy yourself??? If you are thoughtful and not enjyoing yourself..believe me there is only so long you can go on like that for so just nip it in the bud. It’s easier said than done. I’m a big believer in advice but also people will most probably learn the hard way which is unfortunate, warnings are always there it’s just when we are young we all think we know best but believe me this drug is not to be wreckend with, along with any other nasty substances. I only know now of the effects, if I had the brains before I definately wouldb’t do it, it’s all false and it makes you feel like pooh. Harvey, hel yourself…if it means losing friends…so called friends then do it, your real friends will shine through and you’ll be surprised to see who is there for you and the fun you can have without. You sound like a descent person that doesn’t want to let your friends down, lets just hope they don’t let you down. Hope you had a lovey Christmas

    • prswooz says:

      Happy New Year- May have already posted I’m not feeling very on form today!! tahnkyou for your response

  19. kahlum says:

    hey..ive tried mcat a few times but in small doses. i.e half a line or 2. my brother got 10grams from a plant website and him me and my friend drank heavy and thought lets give it ago seens its boxing day yada yada. reading things on here it in our experience can make you consume lots of alchohol and keep you awake. we drank in 5 hours 4 litres if vidka between 3. i slept most the next day and as some people have said i had yukky white mouth ulcers and the feeling of weak and being slighly shakey. i also feel that it has burned the inside of my throat as it is incrediably sore aswell as my entire mouth. it gives you a buzz ok and makes you super relaxed etc but for the 30mins buzz you get the 2-4 day agony and hangover feeling is not worth it. i will never try it again i know that and i am telling my friends and my brother to knock it aswell before we turn into a plant/vegetable ourselfs….stick to human food i say and not plant food….be safe guys..listen to your body and know your limits

    • prswooz says:

      Hey there, Just got in from a friends house…nightmare night I tell you!!! Boyfriends?!!! Men are so random!!!! Hobviously women are perfect in every way!!!!….. heheheheeeeee. Anyway I’m glad you have written your experience, this could make someone else think about what they are doing, everyone reacts differently. The side effects you have included are hardly desirable, the word agony is enough for me!! then again I am a wimp!!! Seriously why would anyone wish to experience this?!!

    • prswooz says:

      Happy new Year thankyou for sharing your knowledge

  20. DONN says:


    • prswooz says:

      Fuuny you say that, when I first started researching this drug there was a girl that had posted her bad experience in blue light and she was very concerned as she couldn’t feel her legs, for a while, she posted to seek advice, she couldn’t drive it was that bad, I havent seen a post from her since then, last thing i know is that she was going to the doctors..well that’s the impression I was under. check it out if you havent read the link from my post, this could be a coincidence or a potential definate side effect. Just be careful and always remember this drug has hardly any background knowledge. Happy new year by the way

  21. jan_as says:

    Mcat is amazin in moderation! no come down… took jus less than a 1g on many a fantastic night out… legal is good cause u feel like ur not doing anything wrong. i say ppl need to respect that drugs are all guna mess u up, much like if u overindulge on alcohol and pass out… day long hangovers etc… mcat = no bad feelings for me! i love the stuff!

    • prswooz says:

      I believe it is illegal now…must check!!! It may be good for the moment but please be aware anythiing that ‘good’ is bound to have consequences, you may not be experiencing anything now but you may do in the future, from responses it seems side effects don’t affect everyone in the same way or in the same order. Please be careful we’re all preciuos people to other people

  22. winterrrrrrrr says:

    i thought this drug was amazing first few times i had it but the last time i had it it left me with a bloody nose the next morning and last two times feeling really sad, angry and paranoid for the next couple o days which is weird, but horrible!its really fun at the time but i think some bad conclusions are guna be drawn about this one when people know more about it!

  23. jayf says:

    Ive taken mkat about 4 times, never done more than a gram to myself. I like to drink in moderation at first and then head off to club and smash a few lines out. It usually wears off by the time the nite ends. I drink plenty and then sleep. Does not feel any worse than a hangova.

    But i am curious to what the drug is and where it is from? is it from the plant khat? or is it man made pure filth? I am enjoying it at least once a month at a good event. Its got to be about moderation with this drug. dont do it to much because its highly addictive and dependant in the mind. Its blaitently not going to be good for your insides either. im thinking its similar to coke and E but cheaper.

    More independant non bias info is needed on this drug quickly so people can make a more concious disission, I need some reasons to stop doing it alltogether because in ‘moderation’ i.e a gram a month its a quality social buzz which results in a great time!

    • Kyle says:

      I’m in exactly the same frame of mind as you buddy. Once a month, take a gram out to a decent looking event with my mates. Take it in moderation through the night, go home, sleep, no hang over. I’ve only experimented with drugs at festivals before. But before this, if there was a huge night out I’d always get totally wrecked on alcohol and feel utter shite the next day. With this, I just dance the night away with my friends, drink plenty of water and wake up fresh as a daisy (unless I’ve danced a bit too much and my legs ache a little!!) but it is a quality buzz when you don’t go mad with it, and I’m always totally clear minded on it, just way happier 🙂

  24. anokydave says:

    ive taken every drug hevely 4 28 years fuk ive had a good time im half dead and adicted 2 4 difernt drugs not including weed daily in huge quititys ive got hardly no memerie left ?well a good long term shit short term memerie ! i dont encorige drug use but fags n drink are drugs 2 i dont drink as it fuks every thing i did mkhat thought it was nice speedy but felt like id borowed 2 morow stik 2 good weed this shit has a structure similar 2 christal meth so i know how adictive it could be fuk drugs foeward the revolution peace 2 all the bad spellers and high seekers tripers and fuk ups love anoky is 4 loverz

    • prswooz says:

      Hey Dave, Thankyou so much for your comment, someone speaking from real long term experience,I really hope your comment can make a difference as it sounds as though if you had the opportunity to go back and not do certain things you may decide not to?!! hobviously let me know if I’m wrong.

    • prswooz says:

      By the way I love your site,

    • prswooz says:

      You’ve had some adventures alrighty!!!!! I can’t stop giggling!!! How do I link you to my site!!! I’m a novice!!!! and not a farmer ooh ar!!!

  25. Seanage says:

    Hey, i like the post you’ve made, and after reading a few other comments it relates to what i was going to mate once took some (i dont know how much) on a night out, and ended up throwing up all over himself, passed out, ambulance came and everything…really scarey for me to see. I myself had not had this before, but i took this last week, i went halfs on a gram with my mate at a party and the buzz was immense, i have not felt that good before. Would not stop talking, wanted to get to know everybody i saw and the whole atmosphere was immense. The downside is i can see myself getting addicted because i am sat here now thinking i want some. i may also add, the buzz lasted between 1 and 2hours for half a gram.

    • prswooz says:

      Hi Seangae, I’m surprised you were not put off by your friends experience, I hope your friend is ok now. Then again when we see someone get wasted on alcohol and taken away it doesn’t make any difference to us!!
      If you’re thinking aboout doing it again, you should really weigh it up… if you had it once and half a gram lasted you up to two hours, you may need even more and whats more if you want it again now surely you’ll just want more and more????? This has potential to get out of hand.
      It’s up to you what you do…hobviously, if you’ve only had that once and you want more…that’s worrying and please remember mcat has not been tested out like other drugs, anyone taking it is being a lab rat.
      From past comments there are common effects being revealed such as problems with the legs, one girl lost feeling of her legs, a boy felt as though he had been walking for about a year, people are getting depressed, feeling angry, getting paranoid, panic attacks and getting addicted. Someone got a hole through their nose but they did have 10 grams of the stuff, still though people take cocaine for ages before their nose starts falling to pieces oh and people have had really gammy mouths!!!
      Anyway it’s down to you Seanage, maybe you’re take it or leave it kind of person or perhaps you have an addictive personality, either way just think about it realistically, do you really need it??!!!

  26. rhys williams says:

    Hey. I’ve just come back from a trip to Scotland which was planned for the new year or ‘Hogmanay’. To get straight to the point, i took this ‘mcat’ drug with 2 mates. The effects of this drug was amazing, total euphoria. You get a real buzz from it, however the whole of my body started to go cold and eventually numb. Looking at the other effects of this drug, i did become more confident, chatty but also my heart rate increase to the extent that i thought it was beating through my shirt. To be honest i haven’t got a bad opinion about the drug because nothing went wrong. The only comedown was that we all felt a little shakey the next day. It did however, keep us going til 7 in the morning and could have gone further. I do like what you’re doing with this forum but you won’t be able to stop people from doing stupid things. The only reason i took this was because i was drunk and stupid but also because i’ve never experienced it before. But if you do stop a small minority, you could have saved someone!!!

    • prswooz says:

      Heeey!! Atleast you’ve considered some of the concerning factors i.e. your body going numb, potentially a walking hazard or an obsticle!!! I guess some people don’t make any mental notes at all, I do hope from information found that someone’s life could be saved, you just never know as with any drug really. You may have read a 16 year olds experience from the 21/12 on this blog, it was scary. 16 is so young and we’ve all been there when we think we know best etc. people so young are more vulnerable, there can be more pressures, bad fashions so to speak can form and potentially youths are treading down their abilities in all aspects of lives. No one knows if it could mean you can’t have children or what if the drug stays in your body and could cause harm to an unborn even if the drug was taken before conception. Maybe peoples faces will get eaten away like crystal meph seeing as they are so similar in molecular structure I see this as a possibility and then it could lead onto worse things. Anyway that’s my rant done for now!!! Thankyou for your time Rhys.

  27. Cheese Grater says:


    I mixed about 2 grams of this stuff wit 2 cubes of acid on new years and had the craziest time, didn’t sleep for about 35 hours, had an awesome time. Wanted to hug and touch everyone, couldn’t see proper cos of the acid and the sparkling. Felt like i could go all night. Not too bad a comedown, tired cos of no sleep, legs a little shakey and mouth and throat slightly sore, did have some nosebleeds for the next few days but i was pretty high up and altitude always does that to me, no massive urge to take more but i might as it was fun, heart did feel kinda fast during but all the acid and alchohol stopped me caring.
    Pretty good time, no worries about doing it again but as everyone says in moderation.
    Only thing is don’t put it in your wallet cos it makes it smell funky for a few days.

  28. Cheese Grater says:

    Seriously, my poor little frazzled brain can’t keep up with your razor sharp wit.

  29. jack says:

    hi, admirable site this and prswooz i think you seem to have the right idea….so…a quick insight to me…26, male who got involved with drugs at 14 and did all sorts of silly things with crack, smack, pills, special k, amphets, acid…mixing anything everything etc etc…i did nothing less than anyone else and probally a lot more than some (though i never used needles). at 19 i was released from prison after a year in for (amungst other crimes) supply class a drugs…you get the picture…since then iv been pretty good at keeping myself away from drugs though i wont lie i have dipped back since prison…most recently a few years ago got back onto the smack for a short 6 months till i was homeless again then picked myself back up. so anyway…

    my brother is now 18, and though he is nothing like i was at his age he has slipped onto the slippery slope that is drugs, chatting with him the other day his skin looked grey hes as skinny as can be, absolutly stinks, really quite skatty talking to him so i asked whats he taking, he said few pills, shrooms etc…and this mkat, i asked him about it and it sounded a really dirty drug (like all legal highs in my opinion and also from what iv been reading online…but then people will see what they want to…especially when they are doing it to themselves)…hes having bad paranoia, cant get his head together, thinks the people hes knocking about with at the moment are his friends haha basically hes making very similiar mistakes everyone does, and all for a buzz thats apparently not even as good as pills.

    HAHA, i mean pills are only a few quid now-a-days why risk a heart attack for something thats not even as good as pills – is beyond me. if your going to muck about with drugs stick to the real stuff…the tried and tested…if you cant hack the come down – dont take drugs!! this dirty mkat is mucking
    about with peoples dopamine and serotonin receptor sites, just like pills…etc…fcuking your brains chemistry and its not even worth it from what iv been reading, this is one drug i personally would never touch.

    iv read all of the posts on this site and would like to add from what iv read online side effects mirror those described by people posting on here…also iv read a couple of people have died …generally from what i can make out its young kids taking it…i expect because its so easy to order online, easy to tell that most of these kids havnt any much experience of drugs so think its great…from reading i find those who are older and have a bit more history wrecking their lives (sorry i mean, taking drugs) try it but think its not a comparison to the other goodies about.

    bottom line has got to be dont take drugs.

    • prswooz says:

      Yo, Thankyou for sharing your experience and opinion it’s so valuable. I agree with your term ‘slippery slope’ as that’s exactly what drugs are, I have dabbled and am glad that now I don’t feel any desire to do so any more, thankfully! unfortunately some people are not strong enough to see that they are on a slippery slope that has potential to be too steep to clamber back up.
      Your brother is still young and young age has a big disadvantage in that people can struggle to take advice…they know best!!! I hope he is in a take it or leave it place I’m sure with you around he will be able to leave it although if he is in a circle it could be hard to break if you know what I mean. Anyway thanks again and I wish you all the best with everything and stay strong!! xx

  30. Callum says:

    Right i take this drug all the time, possibly too much! its quality and makes u feel amazing… i have seen myself snorting 7 grams a night easily and once you have been off the drug for a few days i found myself suffereing from sleep paralysis, lyin in bed concious but un-able to move at all for about 2-3 mins even tho this i continue snortin it up cos its so amazin………..

  31. mixey says:


  32. xxx says:

    I took MKAT for the first time last weekend, i have plenty of experience when it comes to drugs i.e. taking everything (on a regular basis) excluding smack and crack! I bought 2grams for me and a few m8s but after polishing off 3 bottles of wine i ended up snorting the lot 2 myself…dont get me wrong the buzz was amazing i cannot fault it at all, however, i woke up the next day with massively inflamed lips that were blue from blood running through them. I also have an unreal amount of disgusting ulcers in my mouth and throat which are complete agony!! I have had an uncontrollable fever feeling hot but cold at the same time and terrifying nightmares eversince! I absolutely loved the buzz though and because of this reason alone i am going to give MKAT anothe chance but this time stay off the alcohol (because in reality it isnt needed when ur on it) and also do less in the night! your page has been an interesting read and has almost reassured me of the cause of my symptoms, thanks x

  33. Lucinda Ballsey says:


    my mates brought 2G of MCAT round to my house and it lasted all night none of them suffer any side effects or come downs off it but i always feel sick for 2 days after using i dont use much and still do it as i love the feeling and i have never done drugs before so wow i use Mcat once a week on a friday night with my mates i never use it alone and i only have 4 small lines MAX as i dont feel the need to use any more whether its addictive or not I dont know but i have never had the urge to do anymore than what i have been doing and anything can be dangerous from crossing the road to alcahol or drugs if you do these dangerously !! i hate the fact that the government tell us exactly what we can do and feel it should be up to the individual. Does anyone else not think that if the government and people stopped telling us what to do then we would stop doing the bad stuff and start looking after ourselves STOP NANNYING US !!! it should be peoples own individual choices !!


  34. rashaaa! says:

    I took some mkat just last night and i cant believe how stupid i was to be honest! my friend told me it was fine and to just have a teeny bit! i was drinking beforehand and had nothing to eat all day (apart from 9 chupa chups! :D) and when i had it total felt like it was burning my nose! i thought i didnt notice the effects but felt more chatty, so my friend was all like “its legal, its legal..” and i swallowed some, later accomanied by a snort! on my way home, i threw up all this white junk and went out to a pub later and i cant remember anything much apart from my heart was racing, i coouldnt stop shaking, i couldnt stop talking, i comlimented everyone i spoke to, kept taking massive gasps of air and had an uncurable thirst! it was pretty nasty to be honest, and i still feel dodgey today! my friend wants me to try it not on an empty stomach etc! i can kinda see why it is addictive cause once the effects did wear off today i felt like maybe trying more :S im not gonna let myself thoug. dont wanna get too fuct up before i even hit my 20s!!

  35. Lucinda Ballsey says:

    the reason why you didnt feel much on the first bit was because you had too little the reason why you was sick on it later was because you had too much and came up to fast taken responsibly i cant see no problem you just didnt know the doseage

    it is a guessing game i was sick on it once having way too much i came up so fast i hit the ceiling and threw up but upon taking just enough i came up nicely and enjoyed dancing around and having a laugh

  36. iain says:

    Do the chest pains go away? I took it 3 days ago and my chest is still really tight. Got my appetite back but developed a cold and cough.

    • prswooz says:

      Hi Iain,

      I have just tried to research your query and have had no real luck other than this article its long but worth reading. You’re not alone in experiencing this, this side effect is becoming more and more common however not as common as the sore throats etc. I’ve noted this whilst being out and about and asking MCAT kittens!! Your cold and cough I imagine could have been caught from sharing notes, keys, straws …anything people don’t realise how easy it is to spread germs especially when your not in control of your self and everything seems to be wonderful… you know that place where there is not a worry in the world. Or it could be just the cold that’s going around, you could have weakened your immune system through taking the drug, I’ve heard drugs can decrease levels of vitamin C?!! I’ll reserarch that another time!If your chest pains don’t go in the next day or so I woukld goto the doctors, also if it seems to be getting worse them I would see call NHS direct or contact an emergency doctor. I hope you will be okay and I wish for your symptoms to be no more than man flu!! Let me know that you’re okay thankyou xx

  37. iain says:

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Ok more in depth. Ive pretty much had the cough for a few weeks so probably the mkat did not help. The night I took it was the first time and I suppose I took quite a bit. Between 8 of us we had 3 grams. Most of us have never tried it. We took 2 grams before the club- we were then in the club for about 4 hours. Did not drink a huge ammount. I remember most of the night except dancing! When we got back we had the other gram. I think I had quite alot at this stage but not exactly sure how much. I have full memory getting home and staying up chatting and all the other conversations. Some of the other guys remember nothing. The next day I felt pretty terrible, tired but could not sleep. Only managed a bowl of oats. I managed to sleep that night around 9 hours and had work next day. Following day at work i had a tight chest. Ate well and drank lots of water. Took some chesty cough medicine and had an early night again. However woke up quite a few times and did not sleep well. Today felt largely similar, managed to work fine although spells of having a tight chest bit like a panic attack. Now taken an early night, had some soup and bread for dinner, only problem is i have got really quite dizzy and had a bit of a headache. Starting to get more worried given its been 3 full days.

    Any thoughts?>

  38. meegan hollingsby says:


    Hi Iain

    The second time I had cat I used it for 2 days and 2 nights straight through with no sleep.

    The Monday after having a good nights kip I woke and I could not move my jaw.
    I had huge ulcers all over my mouth and cheeks (everywhere inside my mouth) my tongue was swollen and my gums were really painful and I had 6 nose bleeds in 2 days really heavy ones too.

    When I stood I fell back down as I was really dizzy, I had a headache and deep sickness to my stomach and that was every time I even smelt or saw food I felt sick.

    My chest was awful really painful and tight just like an asthma attack I even tried my inhalers to no avail.

    What I’am trying to say is because I didn’t want to go to the doctor with a Columbian cold I left it and hoped I was scared !!

    After 4 days my chest stopped hurting and my breathing came back to normal.

    Its just your body saying “hey mate you have done way too much of this shit and I am not use to it”

    Cause I know that the amount you say you had is way too much for a first timer even a second timer like me.

    I wouldn’t worry too much the chest pain is a pulled muscle have some ibuprofen.

    You should find that tomorrow it has eased if not then definitely go to your doctor as you don’t need worry it doesn’t help at all and it will help put your mind at ease.

    I put my mind at ease by spoken to my friends who have done it longer than me and they told me they had the same when they done too much the first time.

    I have never taken it since as it really messes with your mind cause since I have used the drug twice I am now on anti-depressants.

    My explanation is because this drug messes with your serotonin levels and I cant feel happy any more cause I cant get that feeling of total euphoria that you get from this drug I have become a manic depressive as I don’t want to use any more .

    • iain says:

      hi, chest pains starting to go but still feeling very dizzy somewhat. like cotton wool in my head. almost a bit shakey.

      I will keep you updated. I saw a similar post on a website called bluelight or something, the girl had the exact same symptoms. It took her about 2 weeks to recover. Ive decided to give it another few days and see how i feel. still very worried. wished never taken it now, just hope this all passes and i can just learn my lesson from it all.

      any other experiances similar to mine would be good. I dont like the chat about you being depressed. yikes.

      • cookie says:

        dnt worry bwt it mate, im still feeling dizzy as anyfin from it from saterday, shud be fine in few days

  39. mart says:

    ayup, theres loads of this stuff goin about the town i live in, people takin it when they get up in the mornin n stuff, never rite!
    I took some, had a good time on it but felt bad for 3-4 days after, shaking, tight chest, sore frote, paranoid and on a downer.
    –Not recommended–

  40. cookie says:

    iv done this drug twice before now,once the weekend just gone and the other time a few weeks back with my mate. its like nothing i have ever taken b4, up for 30odd hours, wanting to dance, loving every1 and everyfin, talkin absolute shit to ppl i didnt no, i was happy as anythin, the next day, i had ulcers in my mouth, head was bangin, sleep deprived, my mind all over the place =/
    this drug is good BUT no1 nows what it does to u, no1 nows the long term damage it causes, no1 nows if its going to cause mental problems later on in life or anything.
    if ur going 2 take this, just think back to when coke was the big thing on the scene, no1 new what problems it caused then, but we know now, dont let urself be a guinnea pig to it. That was my last time im ever gonna touch the stuff now, i just cant be arsed with doin it, and not nowin what problems its gonna cause. HOPE U PPL THINKIN OF TAKIN IT HAVE TAKEN NOTE OF ALL THIS

  41. Tamzin says:

    Hey, im 18 and the 1st time i took mkat was late july a few of my friends had taken it so i tried it one night and thts were it started. At first it was good i would only take it i went out on the weekend n would only get thro a gram n then go home, but nowa days it is completly different n has wrecked my life, my whole town has actually gone crazy on it like no other drug b4 it does my head in its all u here when u leave ur house i have experienced so many bad effects such as, nose bleeds, horrible tongue, numness, painfull legs, lost a lot of weight and a bad stomache from bombin it. And thats just the physical effects, the other mental effects i have is being paranoid, wooried, depressed, confusion, and towards the end of a session which mostly lasts about 3days and i usually get thro a quarter, i 4get who my friends are, 4get were i am, here fings, see fings. n basically just act like a complete weiordo, which is not good when ur friends are also goin a bit west as u all start fallin out. I really really would advise people not to take it, me n my friends are wanting to get off it so badly but its so adictive n so easy to get hold of. i whish they would make it illeagle so then we would have no ther option than 2 quit it. fnx Tammy

  42. Harvey says:

    still going strong

  43. Rebecca Dowling says:

    This drug was given to my fiance. it almost killed him. the side affects that he had were mind blowingly scary.

    Resussitated TWO TIMES
    Coughing up blood
    total unconsuiousness
    shallow breahting
    eyes dilated no colour, just pupil

    He was rushed to hoptial that night and on Valentines day he woke up in hospital with completely no recolection of what had happened, what exactly happend to him we are still not 100% sure off, or even how he came to take this drug. Every person is totally different an people will never know the side effects or even if people will have side affects.

    if anybody else has had this drug, heard of it or has had a bad experiance with it please add a comment and share your story, lets get this banned, Please xxx (FACEBOOK)

    • prswooz says:

      Hi rebecca I couldn’t find you on bookface!! think it’s because it’s so busy and my laptop is rather slow, I have just started up a group called ta ta for meow, save the next generation and lets get mkhat banned. this should link you, please join and invite people to support this, any information you hace to share would be really appreciated, lets do something!! Hope your fiance is feeling better, xx

  44. timma says:

    hi guys

    just want to say that iv done this quite a few times with only slight side effects, the hurting jaw,dry lips and lack of sleep all suck but they are all a part of any stimulant that you take. Although the feeling is sweet i really dont reccomend taking it! i mean, the stuff stinks likes its guna rot your insides and i bet it does! Also it is very moreish,try doing one line and leaving it at that, imposible! I have seen people at uni get very hooked on this stuff so id stay well away from it boys and girls if you know whats good for ya!

    Also not being funny (correct me if im wrong) but the guy who said it was made for plants……Thats what they sell it as but im pretty sure if u feed MKAT to a daisy it would die and burn within an hour!

    much love timma x

  45. William says:

    Well, isnt this facinating..
    Ive just bought 2 oz of the stuff, an its mint..
    If ur a gimp who throws up after having it, then dont do it..
    Its cheap, gives u a good buzz an at the minute is legal.. Just have some fun!!!

    • prswooz says:

      William… your so naughty!! Clearly it’s mint! but do you not think it has potential to wreck lives due to the fact its so addicitive. I’m concerned about really young people i.e. 12 year olds as well as adults, I feel that adults are old enough to understand dangers of what they consume but for younger people how can they stand a fair chance in life with encouragement? No one knows what this stuff is doing to your insides it’s clearly corrosive. The guy that developed a hole in his gum says alot, I know there were 10 grams involved but still I’m sure people have taken alot of coke and not suffered such an affect. Daniella Westbrook abused drugs for a long time and clearly had more than 10 grams. I wonder if this generation of mcat kittens, meph heads will end up giving birth to deformed babies or babies with serious health issues… that life may stand no chance, is this fair??

  46. jessica_x says:

    Hi everyone.

    I’m 19 years old and i had never done anything other then dabble with cocaine before in my life, but a couple of weeks ago i was offered mkat by some uni friends…everyone told me it was legal and i would be fine so reluctantly i tried a line. then we headed out to a club.
    i felt fine and didnt feel any different. anyway, we ended up at a club where the drinks were way over priced so i could only afford like 3 so my friends offered me more….this time i had significantly more and felt the effects within about 10 minutes.

    i had the best night out i’d had in a long while, i felt amazing and chatty and just danced and danced all night and was so happy. i had no sleep though.

    since doing it that one time i have done it several times and have loved it. it is HIGHLY addictive tho so i really dont reccomend trying it. i havent slept for the past 48 hours after a 13 hour binge and its 8am in the morning and i am already thinking about getting hold of some for today…. the buzz is amazing if u take it carefully!! after reading horror stories on here i can only say that it isnt like coke, u dont need grams of the stuff or it will tip u over the edge. i have had hallucinations once where i thought i was shrinking and my legs have gone numb for a few hours before but other then that no bad side effects.

    if you choose to take it, take it in MODERATION as its strong and u do not need alot. (if i have to give advice on drug taking which i dont but i will as its important) i would try taking it off the end of a key, just a little blob at the end as u dont need a full line. and only top up when u feel urself coming bk to reality, dont take alot in one go. and dont mix it with alcohol cos u will not need it.

    im just going to stress one more time that the feeling of it is sooooo addictive so please please please be careful.

    light and love to everyone x

  47. effed says:

    wow, i didn’t realise just how popular this legal high was. i’ve had it a fair amount over the past few months, enjoying around 4 grams between 6 people at least once a week. and too be fair, this drug is amazing. the high is just, euphoric. even thinking about it is enough to make me crave it. but nearly every time i’ve had it, i’ve been ill. either throwing up after snorting it, or feeling horrible like i do now, where 2 nights ago i got high of a gram and now i can’t stop coughing and sneezing and feeling so dizzy. all my friends who do mcat have chapped, bleeding lips and dry skin around their noses. i just count myself lucky that i haven’t had a nose-bleed like many of them have.
    i’ll be honest though. this drug is amazing while on it, and for it’s price, it’s worth it. but i wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. i know i sound like i’m contradicting myself, but it will screw you up, and every moment you aren’t on it, you are craving and feel worse off than you were before you started taking it. you lose weight cos food just isn’t appealing, you panic if you have a blocked nose cos maybe you won’t be able to get as high. you can smell it even if you haven’t taken it for weeks, which just makes the cravings worse. and when you’ve run out, you’re miserable, almost suicidal, and just can’t sleep for hours, even days at a time. you feel like robbing your friends just to scrounge enough money together for more. i know for a fact i’m a worse person for it. but it’s never too late for anyone, just don’t touch this drug, a night of pleasure isn’t worth the grief it gives you

    • prswooz says:

      Hey Hun, I so appreciate what you have to say and I respect you so much but why not live up to what you believe?? Believe it or not your opinion could very well hep someone anyway i’m off, hope you have a good one babe xxx

    • prswooz says:

      Hey Hun, I so appreciate what you have to say and I respect you so much but why not live up to what you believe?? Believe it or not your opinion could very well hep someone anyway i’m off, hope you have a good one babe xxx

  48. Jeff says:

    My Story
    For the past 4-5 weekends I’ve had small dabbles of this drug with a mixture of alchol. The effects people claim to have is infact true. I’ve experienced eurphoria, extream talking and generally feeling happy. This first time I tried this drug the effects were servre and quite intense , the next time I tried it they seemed to be far less intense and well…good. Could this be I am devloping a tolerance to this drug? Or I’ve been trying different batch strengths. Who knows.

    Anyway on to the side affects..the 2nd time I tried the drug I had a small ammount in my drink which gave me little affects. I snorted a line and shortly after I had a cold tingeling sensation in my hands and feet which gradually crept up my arms and legs. I then started to become dizzy and my eyes started blackening almost the same as when you get out of a hot bath? I sat down and after 3-5minutes the feelings stopped.

    I have also experienced frequent nose bleeds extream come downs that can last a couple of dayd involving the need for heavy breathing and generally cold/flu like symptons sore throats blocked nose etc.

    My opinion is a do not trust this drug and I would’t reccomend trying it frequently. I’m deffinately going to keep clear of it from now on. Yes the initial feelings are great but they are deffinately having less and less of a possitive effect. To anyone who wishes to try it I’d reccomend once and on an important night anything more…I would’t trust it.

  49. Chloe..X says:

    I first took m cat with a friend of mine and i took some before i went to the pub. I was drinkin sambucca all night and when he picked me up after i had some more. I felt like my body was in another world and my head was in heaven. I was talkin absolute crap! I told him i loved him and we both sat there hallucinating. Since then i bought some myself and i took some in the pub when i was drinking sambucca again. I had exactly the same effects. My body felt cold but i didnt actually feel cold. It was strange feeling! But i was so chatty and my mouth was always dry. Also, my hands and feet were numb and i was so relaxed i could not move for about 15 minutes. I went to sleep around 3am and woke up at 9am and was wide awake. I tried having some breakfast and just felt sick for the rest of the day. I havent eaten for 2 days now because i jus have absolutely no appetite! My throat is quite sore and i have dried chapped lips. Also i have been feeling sick and dizzy. Iv also been gettin hot and cold throughout today. I will definately take m cat again but only once a week and never more than 8 keys (just a small amount on the end of a key.) Anyone trying this for the first time i do reccomend you do it around a friend who will look after you and you really do only need a SMALL amount to have the desired effect. Its a fantastic buzz, i felt like i was someTHING else.. but after reading this page it does seem to have its side effects. Try it, if it doesnt agree with you, stick to the other stuff. But never try it on your own because hallucinations can be dangerous!! I do think it should be illegal for the simple fact, children can get hold of this so easily and they WILL take it! Im 17 and i use to sniff ketamine before i tried m cat but that just made me drowsy. This stuff is good and il defo be taking it on my saturday nights!! Until it starts to abuse me.. i just hope by then it wont be too late..

  50. james says:

    im a 15 year old boy, i have been doin mcat for the past 6 months. It is the best thing i have ever had. It will just take all ur worries n turn them into smiles! Yes like any drug it will give you a comedown. And compaired to the other drugs i have done, mcat has the weakest comedown. If you are doing it for the first time then you wont need much. But as you do it more you need more each time. So if you not getting much of an effect because you do it too much then you have to wait atleast a week or more. Before you ry again,

    • prswooz says:

      Hi james the fact that you feel this drug turns your worries into smiles is a concerning thought. Your not using it for fun not that I condone that, you’re using it to to cover up underlying problems. Please be careful that you don’t let this drug take control of you as it’s comforting and makes you feel better, plus if you have worried I believe the after effects could magnify issues and make you feel more worried than before. Try talking to someone maybe, even a friend anyone about your worries… could make you feel better and make you feel as though you don’t need to replace your fears and worries with a false happiness xxx

  51. rossco says:

    i have pretty much ruined my life nearly since i have experimented with this drug. it is so moreish when your off u head on it. and it makes you so paranoid and the paranoia lasts for days. i had a life changing episode last time i did it an i am never touching it nearly killed me propper off my box started a fight ended up getting a huge head injury. i aint even vilent in slightist. its not a good drug if you have any other isues going on steer well clear. my gf split with me been with her for 3 yrs and she recently went to study abroad and decided its best to call it a day and this has really twisted my melon and everytime i have had some mcat it warpes your head. its prob ok to do when your out in a club but if u go back to a houseparty i would advise to not touch it…..bad times

  52. matt says:

    i tried mcat and went blue, my hands, knees, and elbows but who do you know that can sing ‘im blue da ba de da ba di’ and actually mean it ! it was just bad circulation because of smoking

  53. Georgia says:


    A little unrelated I’m sure, but I am doing my final year dissertation on the use of legal drugs and their effects, so it would be a great help if any of you out there that has taken either legal or illegal drugs could fill in my survey, it would be a massive help! its completely anonymous, and the more detail the better.

    just follow the link.

    Many thanks


  54. RACHEL says:


  55. Tim says:


    Everybodies been banging on about this MCAT and all that, so again I was another victim and curious to try it, I have done cetain types of drugs, Im am not hooked or anything, I just do it because of it makes a night better and there are so many influences when you are out. I only had a good line of it, firstly noticed my nose started stinging, similar to MDMA. but the sudden rush of euphoria that went to my head was immense and quite scary to be honest, felt like i was going to pass out, I didnt no what i was thinking If it wasnt for my good pals I would of had a fit!, but I can now see why people would not like the experience. But for me after the rush, it was like ecstacy, however mixed with other stuff i had, which made me worse. I couldnt get to sleep, and my chest feels horrible. heart still pounding. Its unlikely i will do it again. but I will be lying if i say I wont. Overall It was good at the time, but reality check, Its a drug, it screws your head up, very horrible stuff, Should Be Class A.

  56. curtis says:

    i have taken mkat nearly everyweekend for about 3 month, its good and licks u but i keep gettin a sore tongue every morning, i dno if this is cuz im chewing it like gurning or not but its fucked up, any1 get a similar feeling? also i have 2 say the shit STINKS i hate the stupid smell lol

  57. lauren says:

    i had m-kat i thought at first it was realii bad cuz my bf was doin it for 2 weeks but then the night he finished me i had a gram to my self nd i thought all my problems went away and after i had a full gram i went home about 10 o’clock nd my mum thought i bin drinkin cuz i kept talklin fast nd lickin my lips. then she saw a white ring on me nose nd she asked me waa it was nd she new my bf was on it nd i said i was takin the piss out of him nd put sugar on me nose nd said i was him like a joke nd am soo glad she believed me i wud do this again cuz it aint tha bad like am realii small for my age nd i had no side affects nd am alonely 14 nd 15 in may and i thought it wud do realii bad things too me but had no bloody nose or anythin i say if u r goin do it but a couple of lines in a drink of water cuz then it dont hurt ur nose but try not to drink beer nd hav m-kat cuz my mate had a fit on me cuz some one but couple of lines in his vodka nd he was already smashed nd ppl say it is addictive but it aint ur mind just thinks you r but i keep lickin me lips still hope thaa goes away so just hav a try nd see if u like it or not like i hav had it 7 times but not like in the sme week nd i dont want any i just like it on weekends cuz of the buzz i get thanks for listenin 😀 x x x

  58. Lee says:

    Hey, i took this mcat 36 hours ago…i still cant think properly and hav not eaten more than a bowl of soup! Im sure it has laxative in it cos i hav not stopped going to the loo!!! I had the BEST feeling of euphoria for about 5 hours and only did about 1/4 gram! before this ive only ever done coke or pills so this was the BEST EVER!!! I cant sleep yet tho!!! Arghhhhh

  59. DJ says:

    I tried MCat last week. I did a gram and thought it was great. I do understand what you are saying though. I think everyone just has different reactions to it. And like someone said before ‘moderation’ is a lot safer. For me personaly when i had comedown all i wanted was more, but after a few hours the feeling was gone. I will probably end up doing it again. But in my own personal opinion i think if you are curious do your homework first and get some other opinions then decide. But obviously its safer not to do it at all. And dont forget, even if you buy it from someone you trust they have just bought it from someone else who got it from another person and so on. So you will NEVER know whats in it

  60. michaela says:

    Hiye i tried m-kat one night but not on purpose i went to this party with my boyfriend and evryone were on it i wa just on drink tho, i only do coke thats the only thing i have done and with that you still no what you are doing on it and its dose not make you out of control my boy friend got blagged into getting some for my m8s but i didnt realy take much interest as i was having a good time danceing and been pissed as you do any way later on that night i wa hammerd n my friend ask me to go to the toilet with her, she said to me its just coke theres nowt in it its alrite its just coke, so mean been stupid took a massive line well 2mins later i carnt remember out. they all told me dat they all found me half anhour later ko’d on the floor in the bathroom they had to out me in a ben i was shekking and sweating jaw was in london n i live in yorkshire so you can imagine how bad i was i was crying eys were rolling in the bk of my head. i wa so scary for all my mates apert from the dickhead dat give me it. i remember bits of it crying and just wishing it wud stop not knowing wot to do. but my good friends stayed with including my boyfriend n helpt me thru it buy saying just ride with it love just ride with it if you panic it can get worse i felt so parinoid and scare it was unreal i fort my head wer gunna explode!!! my ex mate now said to me she fort she wa helping me have a good time defo not i cud of died my boyfriend even tho its not right to hit girls and am not saying it were rit but he were that angry n scared for me hit slapped her straight in the face… all i can say is it can be dangerous if i wud of taken that when i was at a random party or in town any1 cud of dun summert to me or anything cud of happend to me….. frightening IF YOUR DOING IT FAIR ENOUGH!!! but dont push ovas into doing it i dont fink i cud live with my sen if i gave summert like dat out n they died by an overdose falling over shooting thru, or even am eilergic reaction to it… Cud any of you live with watching sum1 you no die or go thru dat experience knowing dat you give them dat you might as well if they die shoot em or knife em… THINK JUST BE CAREFULL XXXXXXXXX

  61. Darren says:

    i tried it friday night and must say it was crazy…
    i got given a line thinking it was coke (im partiall to a little coke now and again). but whne i snorted it i knew it wasn’t coke, so i asked the guy what it was, he replied it was mcat….(i’d never heard of it),

    but my other mates was totally of it, and i mean off it..

    i was well off it as well, i wont be in a hurry to try it again, if never..

    but it was a strange buzz… not a good one, i couldnt conrol myself or could my mates… and to say its legal.. well….

    ive tried salvia as well and that legal but that as crazy as this mcat.

    anyway, i went home after the party, slept 6-7 hours and i was still feeling off it, and all day i was shaking and just not my self.

    dont get me wrong, im not a judger of any sort, i like to get high now and again but this isnt for me

    • zcmc says:

      i took it last night i slept for a good 12 hours and im still feeling of it paranoid as fuck tho im scared to be honest i just hope havent done something really idiotic 😦

      • prswooz says:

        Hi Zac, I’m sure you won’t have done anything too crazy probably, I’m sure you’d know about it. Your just suffering a come down probably, try and eat something, or even have a bath maybe a good soak will relax you oh yes must have lots of bubblies! hope you’re ok im sur eyou will be x

  62. aaron says:

    hey i am on it right now,its was fantastic i fealt i could take over the world but with love. no side effects ova then afta a gram between 2 what more b adly not really any come down , but on a real u dont take things that make u feel gud regulary, on a real i wouldnt advise this to anyone why want to be of ur head thinkin u can be some sort of politican that does nothin but gud lol ,,, people shouldnt have cruches i have mental isuses most people want to feel good about them selvels better to find peace with your self not make another man money who doesnt care about your health

  63. Ross says:

    first of all i think this site is excellent i recently took it for this first time at an 3 day event and had not heard about the drug prior to this. The first thing that surprised we was of how popular it was. Everybody was on this stuff and i mean Everybody. Me and my mates went and bought some off a guy in there and i thought it was the best buzz i ever had in my life. And ive tried evrything but the worse. However i do that the drug should be banned and people should look more into this drug because these many side effects should not be ignored. Every drug has a come down and this drug is no diffrent to the others, the only diffrence with mkat is that there so many symtoms. Ive only experienced the paranoia, impared vision and irregular heart beats but my friends have experienced rashes, mouth ulsers, bleeding noses… and the list goes on. We had a good trip tho and we probally take it again. I feel it is something that should be taken at events or perhaps at a crazy weekend or something like that. not something that you should do if your just going out for a few drinks with your mates sort of thing. And should be taken in moderation. There was 3 of us and we bought 6 grams and that lasted us all 3 days with a gram left over. And even then, we agreed that we probally should of have less. I think it should be banned though. The whole concept of “legal highs” is that people that dont want to take drugs or younger people can still get a buzz, but believe that it is legal but most importantly that it is SAFE! and mkat is clearly not. for people that enjoy the drug i would say, stock up on it now while it is pure and cheap and just save it for special nights and do go overboard on it. I think we will find out factual information soon enough that gives us the news that were expecing, that frequent useage of mkat will longterm damage your health. But i think that as with most things, if you do it in moderation you can get away with it! Thats my view anyway. Great site tho.

  64. sazzlepants says:

    I dabble with drugs every now and again and a lot of my mates are regular users at the weekend. i live in a small town where there’s a big group of like 20 of us that drink together but since this drug came about everyone has been fallin out, people have started being sly with their own friends and its totally changed the dynamics of our group. I tried mcat once and i didnt particularly enjoy it. I felt myself gurning and my heart race but that was pretty much it i didnt feel the euphoria and the next day i felt like i’d been hit by a bus when i dont normally suffer from comedowns.

    Its now at the point where some of my friends have 5+ grams in a night each and their noses bleed randomly and have sores around their mouths etc.

    Fair enough if it gives a buzz that’s great but no one knows the long term effects of this and we could be the generation that in a few years time is saying “dont try that look what it did to me”

    One final point – i think people look terrible on it. Skin goes all grey and pupils go bigger than on any other drug ive seen. Plus with the unstoppable gurning there’s no mistaking when someones on it!

    I personally wont touch it again and i wish my mates would chill out on it a bit because its changing who they are!

  65. Jane says:

    People who say MCAT isn’t addictive are completely wrong and obviously have not tried it.
    I started on 1g between two but now I am on 8 1/2 g between 2, when the pile becomes smaller I get depressed and crave more
    to start with I wasn’t experiencing any negative effects that I had read about but on my last “session” I got major cramp in my toes on my left foot and I got a nose bleed.
    you would think that would make me stop, but to be honest I don’t think I can at the moment.
    I’ve probably been doing MCAT for about 6 months, I am 18years of age and when I 1st started doing MCAT I was just under10 stone which is a healthy weight for 5’9 in 6 months I have lost just under a stone.
    My advice is don’t even be curious about trying this drug it aint worth it, it is ruining my life.

  66. Dimez says:

    People are speaking a lot of sense and some people are speaking out of there arses.

    Everything in moderation, Drink too much alchohol snap you end up being sick everywhere passing out and have to get your stomach pumped.
    Smoke too much, Smokers cough yellow fingers etc.

    Too much Mkat theres obviously going to be side effects.

    I had some lines of it last night and let me describe my experiences to you,
    I’d been drinking before this mind you

    After i took it pretty much all i wanted to do was run for some reason, I spoke to random people on the street wished them a good night and ran off, I literally sprinted over a mile doing this, Pretty funny tbh and everyone when i saw them next said how funny i was and how i need to come out with them some other times. I didn’t get to sleep till about 4AM, I was just on Facebook and playing on the PS3 having a blast of a time.

    Woke up the next morning no hangover no nothing, i felt fine.

    Dont listen to the idiots trying to say “MKAT = CLASS A DRUG LOLLOLOLOLOL”

    Alchol and Nicotine should be class A.

    Ignorant, arrogant hypocrits at there best

    • Sticky says:

      It’s a shame you need drugs for your friends to enjoy your company and invite you out with them. I’m not saying I haven’t dabbled before in a few substances but honestly man, you can’t have much of a personality if this is what it comes to. Just don’t rely on them to have a good time, because without, you’ll be a pretty boring person. Facebook and PS3 sound awesome while your off your head too! Whatever happened to socialising in person???

  67. Lynn says:

    I ve been looking at comments on here for a few weeks as I thought my son may have been taking mkat! I got a message mothers day saying he was in hospital as he’d had a seizsure, stopped breathing for 3 mins, turned blue ect, he was taken to hospital and he’s still there, his blood levels are high, blood in urine and a small problem with kidneys. He tried mkat this morning for 1st time and look where he is now in hospital. I know he’s taken coke in the past and I have taken coke and es over the years but this mkat is not good, no one knows the long term damage. Also because my son had a seizure he can’t drive for 6 months and he’s now ready to take his test so he’s ruined that now! I hope he can come home tomorrow and hope this stops someone from taking this horrible drug. At the hospital they have around 80 people taken in because of this drug, that’s a hell of alot. Hurry up n ban it!

  68. Vicky says:

    I know two people who died from taking Mcat at the weekend. My boyfriend has tried it and was weird for a few days after. Apparently it is plant fertiliser, I was curious about trying it but now I’m very much against it. The people who died didnt overdose either. Again it is yet another drug that can be mixed with anything, and chemicals mixing together can have odd side effects, potentially fatal ones too. DONT DO IT!

  69. RAB says:

    iv taken this drug quite a few time. i even know people who are addicted, but i myself and have had no real problems with it and have had a good time taking it every now and again just like any drug. i jst wish people would take it easy with it.just bcause it costs a tenner a gram doesnt mean its not addictive.some people just need to realise when to stop.

  70. b=oooo says:

    i personally dont know what to think of mcat i had a good experience on it and had no come down or anything and it made my weekend better! people who over do the drug are bound to have bad side affects and thats there own fault if you dont abuse the drug and keep your intake to a minimum then you will be fine! even though it was great i propbably wont do it again because im not into drugs at all! people shouldnt be so scared of the drug. everyone is making it seem bad when me and a good 20 mates and others i know have all had positive experiences! but still dont do it often!

  71. auren says:

    i was taking m kat all the time and it never gave me any problems till a week ago when i developed a itchy rash all over my body. also it made me very angry and moody…i think is a dirty drug n i wont bee taking it again .. it smells it int been tested so no1 knos te long term affects .. plant food ?? plats take a wile to growso it will be feeding it slowly … what is it slowly doin in side your body??

    • prswooz says:

      It’s not actually plant food, that’s more of a myth and a way to get around the legal system hencxe being legal!! But you’re right we could look at it like that if only they all thought like that. xx

  72. Ross says:

    2 lads died on this stuff, ban this now before it gets out of hand

  73. missy says:

    ive had it few times its ace and cheap i think il become a mcat junkie cause its sucha buzz 😀

  74. Reece says:

    hey guys , just thought i’d share my encounter with mcat.

    So i’d not been out in a long time, went out though , started drinking , and as usual started thinking about drugs , this lad i didn’t even know , started talkin to me , he was telling me about mcat , first time i’ve ever heard of it.

    Anyways , he said it was legal , and a 30 min buzz , i saw him take it , and his friends , so i i thought , cant be that bad .

    I tried it , and it was quite good , like ecstacy , though, i was snorting , and luckly my nose started bleeding in the toilet at not the bar *phew*

    so yeah nose bleeds , are a defo in this case , i’ve snorted alot of stuff , ket,fet,crushed up pills .
    never had a nose bleed …

    but i did with this.

    at the end of the day though every drug messes with your head, i went from being really quick minded , to a thick tit. from taking ecstacy , ALOT. stopped now though, the mend seems slow…VERY SLOW.

    dont do drugs! unless you wanna have a good time ^^ do it on very rare occasions , and no your limits and your dealer o.o

  75. prswooz says:

    Hi Chloe you sound like your having fun.
    Anyway you may have been lucky with side effects but clearly people are having some adverse reactions to the drug hence dying, going blind, ripping body parts off and developing holes from their nse into their mouth!!
    Your flu like symptoms may feel like nothing to you but that’s your immune system taking a battering.
    I’m glad nothing has happened to you but please don’t let that fool you. The less side effects you are having now could mean more damage in the future? perhaps you have no symptoms yet?!!
    The fact is that people still know very little about it and it is different to other drugs such as cocaine or E atleast those drugs have been around and there is a knowlegde base on it.
    Anyway who am I to leture you?!! You’re not silly just be more than aware and don’t let the so called good times take over, it’s a shame people feel the need o get high in orsder to have fun or feel confident.

  76. Raeee says:

    Hiii… all ive got to say is dont do it! its messed my life up sooo much and now im hooked on the buzzz of it .. but really you feel braindead the next day of it! i constantly have nose bleeds and dizzyness the day afterr! bad stuff to get hooked on! legal or not DONT DO IT !!

  77. curtis says:

    im on a come down from taking mkat last night and i feel dog! the fuckin smell is stuck in my nose and its making me feel sick !!! messy shit

  78. weekendwarrior says:

    If MDMA was legal, people would not bother taking MCAT – it is only since pills became shit or BZP/Peprizine based in recent years that MCAT has merged as a substitute. Legalise MDMA and let people make their own choice. In comparison to other drugs including ALCHOL, MDMA is a relatively safe option – and is still the best buzz you can get when clubbing.

  79. JH says:

    Hi guys, I am getting more and more concerned about this drug and am fully behind everyone who says that it should be banned. It is everywhere and it terrifies me how easy it is for people to get hold of it and also how because it is legal and cheap that people think it is safe and ok to use! I am no innocent, have partied my way through my 20s and have tried pretty much everything…coke, pills, acid, ket etc and never seen anything quite like the effects of this meph shit.

    I took it a couple of times but didn’t enjoy it, I think have grown up and away from the drug scene…my fiance took it a few times as well with friends and I started to get pretty worried because he started to get greedy and talk about getting it all of the time. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago and he got wrecked with a couple of his friends and when I saw him the next morning he was a total mess. I had to go out for the day and told him to go to bed, to be honest I thought he would be fine, all he needed was to come down. When I came home at about 4pm he wasn’t at home, I couldn’t get hold of him and then he called me – he had hallucinated and freaked out so badly that he thought he was having a heart attack and that he had chewed his face off so had got a taxi to hospital. It was horrendous. I went straight up to hospital and he was hooked up to a drip, his heart rate was over double what it should be at resting and his blood pressure was through the roof. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. He had to stay in hospital overnight and was a complete mess. He couldn’t sleep or eat for 3 days and told me he was really depressed. Thank god he is ok now and he terrified himself and me so much that he has absolutely no interest in doing it again. We were lucky in that he was ok but I really wish everyone who is still in a honeymoon period with this stuff would realise what danger they are putting themselves in.

    This is so much nastier than anything else out there and at least if it was illegal it would make it harder for kids to get their hands on it and would push the price up.
    Anyway, thanks for listening!

  80. […] presumption and lack of primary research, we could say my blog is prime example. Here is the link and please please read the comments, I know there are alot but the information here is fundamental […]

  81. zcmc says:

    hey i have tried this drug must say that i didnt feel it straight away so i took more as im new to this thing as im strictly into marijuana took about 1/2 a gram and by the end of the night i was in a bad state i was up but just barely i dno what can happen but its gotten me really worried i must say thanks for the post of info its defo a worthy read and if i must give my advice to people is say stay well away of this drug SERIOUSLY its dodgy and no real long term affects have been published dont let legallity fool you

  82. Baillie says:

    I took this at a party on Friday night, one tiny line, thinking it was coke. I was raging when I discovered that it was in fact MCAT. On Sat night I got the terrible sweats and felt rough like a hangover then on Sunday I couldnt get out of bed. Though I was dying. My whole body ached and my skin felt sore like I had a bad dose of the flu. Still feel absolutely terrible today. It could have been that I am actually ill, but I doubt it. DONT DO IT. IT’S NOT WORTH IT! X

  83. Hannah says:

    i’m not proud to say i’ve taken this drug every weekend since new years eve. Iheard about it through friends (like most people) and the first time it didn’t affect me in the slightest. The secondand third was amazing. I felt alert, loving, excited, i danced for 4 hours none-stop. everytime after that was the same. Untill last month, i was at a friends house party when i went in to the kitchen on my own, my friend came runnin in after hearing a smash to find me laid in broken glass having a fit. When i came round everyone at the party was stood around me, my friend was crying but i insisted no one called an ambulance. The weekend after that i had a little lees than the weekend before. This made no difference. I had horrific waves of anxiety, panic and i found it difficult to breath. This seemed strange to me because of my recen experiences of this drug being amazing (apart from the fit) for the rest of the night i sat in the smoking area at this club feeling worn out and ill. All the times after this felt the same, i really shold have stopped but the temptation is everywhere. This saturday jsut gone i went to a club even i look forward to every month. I havdn’t slept ot eaten at all on friday and i knew my body wasn’t in the slightest prepare for this night but regardless i went anyway. I ended up fitting outside with only one of my friends who obviously had no idea what to do. I was grippin hold of his hand curled in a ball on a dirty floor shaking violently with my eyes rolled to the back of my head making choking noises- all this was what my friend told me when i came round, i have no recollection of this, allthough when i care round i remember two of my other friend running over screaming one of my friends was trying to put me in the recovery position and the other talking to me but all of this was happening i slow motion and their movements were leaving trails of light behind them, i could see theire mouths mving but i couldnt hear a word, just muffled sound. Yet again, when i was able to speak i told them not to call an ambulence. I hate myself for admitting that i’m addicted to this drug, not even for the highs of it. I can’t explain why. Its soon to be class A and i’m disgusted i’ve got involved with this stuff as before i refused ket and thats class C. I admit because of it being legal i thought it would be safe. Its not. Just DON’T do it, for your own sake.

  84. ??? says:

    unfortuntly i tried this drug about 5 weeks ago and just snorted an average line , it triggered my anxiety and is just not worth going anywhere near some of my mates are taking it contstantly and like everyones saying they are like test rats no one knows the long term effects of this drug what if it fucks you up and the doctorsknow nothing about it?, anyway for a couple of weeks i couldn’t think straight and found it hard to concentrate i feel better now but not 100 %. my advice is stay well clear of Mcat whats the point? for a half an hour buzz not really worth it is it? If your that obsessed about taking drugs and getting buzzin just have some normal ecstasy.

  85. mikey B says:


  86. mikey B says:

    you’re playing russian roulette with ur lives!! if u want a death wish do it ,…if not then dont simple. obviously u dont value ur lives enough so go and see a doctor and seek help as to why u want to self destruct uirself,… if not then why do u want the reluctant chance of ending up DEAD??!!

  87. callum says:

    i have took a few times, the first time i did i freaked out.. it was horrible but i was drinking at the same time. i then took it again and it was the best feeling in the world, i took it again a few days ago and it was amazing, i think its fine as long as your not mixing it with drink or any other drug.

  88. Junglist says:

    I disagree with alot of this. It deffinatley isn’t physically addictive. It’s just a good feeling so you want to do it; you never have cravings through the week or anything, when the weekend lands you just wanna have a buzz. Yeah maybe it is corrosive but no where near as much as people claim. Snorting sherbert burns your nose, that’s not corrosive. It’s to do with the substance, it is crystals therefore sharp. I wouldn’t compare the substance to another drug such as crystal meth but I would compare the experience to a drug such as Ecstacy.

    I just hope they don’t illegalise it as that will cause havoc for the police; the amount of kids doing it is as casual as doing cannabis. Once this is illegalised (which it surely will as it isn’t a nice taxable drug like alcohol) then people wont stop doing it, the cost will rise, perhaps even more people will do it, lots of kids get put down in jail for selling it, kids get put down for using it when it was legal for a year in there lifetime.

    Anyway pretty good article, I know it’s just what you think and not factual, but unless you’ve done it more than once you pretty much don’t understand the drug. The people using it know more about it than any parent, scientist or politician.

    • prswooz says:

      I agree it’s not physically addicitive but mentally, you personally may never get cravings but many people do, I know enough people taking it to be able to state that it is addictiveI quote you….’ Yeah maybe its corrosive but no where near as much as people claim’ how do you know? I don’t know… no one knows and this is the main point about this drug…no one knows. Comparing it to Sherbert is quite a silly comparison really..don’t you think considering Sherbert is a legal sweet with much research behind it as opposed to being a plant fertiliser…couldn’t be any more different really. The crystals may well be sharp…cos they’re probably shards of fibre glass or somthting the drug has been cut with???? How do you explain the boy who got a hole through his mouth after 10 grams? well aware ten grams is excessive but still Daniella Westbrook didn’t need ten grams to lose her nose did she? took years and years of abuse. I compare it with Crystal meth due to the side effects not the actual effect it has as an experience, ecstasy may well give you a sense of euphoria but the side effects are not there, the effects and side effects can be easily confused.
      When it’s made illegal it will make it harder for younger people to get hold of it, that’s probably more the point, you know when an 8 year old has died as a result of taking the drug I think making it illegal will have benefits for the young and vulnerable.
      Thanks for your opinion I appreciate it all are welcome

  89. charlottew says:

    hey i totally see where everyones coming from. However since taking mcat about 4 times i’ve only had good experiences. We take it between four of us and all it makes us do is really chatty, happy and confident. The fact that i find it impossible to get to sleep is the downside but apart from that only good experiences.

  90. sam g says:

    as i am not a user of any class A drugs or any other myself, i dont judge people taking CAT FOOD or any others , many of my mates are whats known as “weekend heroes” go out on a weekend and take pills mdma and stuff like.. obviously not heroin n crack not of that shite…but im shure you get the score. but yeah a lot of people seem to have died as a cause of m – cat, maybe some of them had alergic reactions…but i think a lot of people just lack control, they think they can handle these massive binges , this is not the case… come on people get some controll, drugs shud be used by people i think, it keeps us all ticking just like the average person drinking on a weekend same thing people just need to have controll, maybie if this was the case and always was these drugs would be kept on the market. The stasticks show that because weed is legal in amsterdam the number of “stoners” had decreased people still have jobs and have a smoke on the weekend as a social event. what do u think?? thankyou

  91. kieran clarke says:

    brilliant drug. but it is almost impossible to sleep on it. for few weeks of using it i got jaw ache, ulcers, dry lips and sore nose. but no come down at all. i did 20 gram in 3 days with no sleep or food just alcohol. it is addictive. as soon as it wears off you get tired and you want more to give you more energy. if you can do this in small quantities then i believe its a safe drug. but ive seen so many people taking it for day after day and gram after gram,

    • EM DAWG says:

      20 grams in 3 days????
      I can barely handle half a gram a night and miy jaw wants to start clenching and my pupils are massive!!!! I dont understand how you can do 20 grams in 3 days.
      My mates and I put a pile of meow on a piece of bacon, within 15 minutes there was a hole burnt through it.
      Thats what its doing to our noses over time!!

  92. Stew says:

    From what I’ve noticed, most of you are in college/uni. Well, if this doesn’t scare you, I’m in first year and several people in my tear are addicted to it. They look completely pissed everyday and they always talk about it. I think it’s good that it’s a class B drug but I hear it’s still easy to get hold of. People I know have changed drastically because of it, and not for the best…

  93. dEZZA says:

    Hello peeps . Well what can i say. i tryed mcat it last night and this stuff is rocket fuel i met up with some old m8s and they asked me so i had a tiny little line and wham i was off my rocker all night till about 4am. let me tell you this DONT TAKE IT no DO TAKE IT your choice i knew all about it before i took it i knew peeps died on. best thing DONT MIX THIS STUFF!! IT WILL FUCK YOU UP. MY M8 WAS ACTING ALL CRAZY COS HE HAD TO MANY BEERS BEFORE. HIS EYES WERE FUCKED! HE LOOKED LIKE A SMACK HEAD!
    ive had my fair few drugs before but this is wrong! its the come down feeling off wizz. stright away wham and your feeling weird spaced out. i did have a good night and hope some of you peeps have, stay safe on this peeps!! only have a tiny bit if you do. and watch your temperature cos this fucks it up!! stay SAFE PEEPS 🙂

  94. Natalie says:

    I’ve only taken MCAT a couple of times, and had good experiances both times, however never taking it again, a good friend of mine nearly died after taking 1 line too much, his heart failed and luckily they managed to revive him in the ambulence, but it could have been much, much worse. Its no safer than cocaine, or any illegal drug really.
    Theres no comedown as such, but it can induce insomnia, low moods (which is something to be careful of, especially if you have depression, anxiety etc) and also the blocked nose, cough and headache you get the day/morning after is so so annoying, but thats more down to the fact your putting a powder up your nose than MCAT itself.
    I won’t say never take it, but if you do just be aware of the risks. Never take more than one gram in a night, and if its your first time trying it, do small lines and don’t do them too close together.

  95. lauraa says:

    Since i first took this drug in february i have taken it every weekend, n its getting more n more each time, mainly coz most of my friends do it and its easy to get hold of. however, the more u take it the less good it gets. first few times u try it its just amazing. u dont notice the side effects. but as u take more u notice side effects such as it hurting ur throat and nose, its like its burnt the inside of ur nose (u also get really bad nose bleeds) and when u eat the nxt day its like the food is scraping ur throat. Someone told me it is more corrosive than coke? .the next day u get wierd light headed spells think ur gonna collapse or somet, you need loads of sleep to catch up from what uv missed, n u lose weight from not eating whilst ur on it. It must be awful for ur stomach as ur not eating for such long periods of time then suddenly stuffing ur face. Its only properly addictive once ur on it, u finish a gram then think oh shit i really need some more then end up carrying on all weekend n only finishing when its college n u realise uv taken about 4 or 5 grams (i dont know exactly i share with people n it gets confusing)

    id say taking it once a month is good, u still get the good effect from it, but u can still go out and drink and have a nice time without really wanting some.

    Its really hard to quit it aswell!

  96. b says:

    Im going say you all need to get your heads sorted out . After watching my son for the last couple off months , slowly lose every thing in his life . I mean girl friend , job , family, car . People looking at him like he is scum . His self , In fact he doesnt seem like my son any more . I did kick him out , because i have other children and he was staying up all night stripping his bedroom looking for something . He was banging and i asked him what you looking for . He didnt no . He as lost loads of weight , his gums are bleeding , he sniffs all the time . He seem angry , doesnt care about his self what people think of him .

    Alls i am trying to say is , is it worth losing everything in your life . Or your life . I love my son and have tried to help him , By having him back home taking him the doctors . But what all the poeple that take any drug are not realising is that . By you taking any drug , it as a affect on your families . No parents want to see the child ill or even worst in a coffin . Please thing about what you are doing . You dont need any drug and this mcat is addictive . So dont think its not . You are going to ruin your life and your families . STOP NOW WELL YOU CAN

  97. hetty says:

    well i loved mkat, its pish that it been made illegal. Yh we dont know what the side affects r going 2 be but at least these legal highs r made in a lab, with named drugs! not in a dingy back street with wat ever the dealer fancies.
    Anyone 1 with access to a lab and a good knowledge off chemisty could make the stuff. It is all pharmacy drugs.
    4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), or 4-methylephedrone, is a synthetic stimulant and entactogen drug of the amphetamine and cathinone classes.It is a synthetic substance based on the cathinone compounds found in the khat plant of eastern Africa.
    By making all these drugs illegal, us r probably killing more people. Because when they cant get them off the internet prices start 2 go up! and when prices start to go up, purity comes down. And lets face it its probably not the drug that kills people because theres hardly anything in it. Rat poision? Bakin soda? bleach and id hate to know what else…. it these things that are killing people. There is NOWAY a gram of coke is going to kill any1 now. Theres ls harldy any coke in it. But maybe the crap that its been cut with could.

    Im all for legal highs, aslong as ur not stupid with them. LIKE DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF ALCO. And of course u get the odd folk that think there mental and just take to much and end up in the cells. If they would let these legal highs be and we could buy them us Drugs then we could be warned not to drink and told what is enough to take. But because they have to be sold as plant feeder… which btw kill ur plants! and stated not for human comsumption. Thats when people start getting killed because they take these drugs like they normal E or coke . And I can defo say thats how ull bet Killed!

  98. bomber says:

    You were right to say I don’t know the long-term effects of this drug (no one really does – although parallels can be drawn to drugs that have a similar chemical nature) what you were not right to say is ‘leaning towards this drug being particularly bad’. You can’t make a definite statement, however, as you said it was what you thought. I respect that.

    I have recently read TIHKAL and PIHKAL and they are books about hallucinogens such as LSD and far more stronger drugs. The author has spent 20+ years trying drugs he has personally created (he is a chemist) and he makes a really good point with the war on drugs. Essentially it does not make sense.

    One thing he says which is easy to convey: When the Mafia wants the illegal drugs to remain illegal there is something wrong. This is also in relation to the 1930’s prohibition of alcohol (which was eventually reprieved but not before the Mafia made a lot of money out of it).

    People have the perception that illegal drugs are bad. But legal drugs are just as bad. The statistics on how many people have died due to cigarettes and alcohol (in a year) is in the 100,000 range. If you add up all the related deaths due to illegal drugs (this is primarily in relation to LSD and other hallucinogens) the number of deaths is less than 2000. (This is for America but may be worldwide numbers, I can’t remember.

    • prswooz says:

      Thank you for that bomber, though cigarettes and alcohol are far more common and possibly more easily obtained, and part of a culture therefore I believe stats would be higher. Plus I personally think if we think about how many people are part of a population and the different age groups this accounts for those figures relating to alcohol and cigarettes make sense, bare in mind that just over 23 million of our above 61 million population are up to the age of 29 and that is inclusive of ages from 0. My point is I rekon there is definitly more chance of the average 30 + up to 100 or whatever indulging in smoking and drinking rather than taking drugs so your figures are a positive answer for people perhaps arguing in defense of drugs??! 2000 to the 100,000 seems low however if the drugs in question were all leveled out and as freely available…I wonder what those figures would be like??
      Those books sound like an intersting read by the way, I’ll put them on my list!! it’s quite long!! Currently reading bad science, which is very good, not that you probably need to know that!

  99. more sweets less drugs*! says:

    I’ve done mkat for the past few weeks but NEVER again! I’ve had some of the best experiences on it, and the worst. On my worst experience I became deeply angry,sulky,self pittying and ridiculously moody for someone who is normally bubbly,well happy,naturally chatty & confident. NOBODY could get me out ofmy bad state. NOTHING. I didn’t wanna know, I didn’t giva fuck, I cryed, I stood about, I didn’t wanna move, I didn’t care to talk. I thought fuck the world- this was meant to be my high!! I had literally just taken it when it all kicked in. I became the COMPLETE opposite to me. I recklessely trodded through town at 5am 2 a mates house- reallyyy really unsafe & all alone, not giving a shit= not good! My mates hooked on it to the point that I can’t tell you how much he takes. I know he’s passed blood in his urine, had swollen ankles, stomach pains and cramps, really bad sweats, lack of concerntration, paranoia and constipation- he is REALLY VERY ill & he can’t hack going outside anymore. He can’t face it. He looks like death-his face is drained of colour & youth & he’s only 21! My other friend is 16 and bled out of her mouth and had a severe nosebleed after sniffing mkat. I personally gummed it which was the stupidest idea because it killed my skin cells on my tongue- my skin was peeling off of it & I had mouth ulcers. My friend who’s hooked on it has a spoon in his flat which has began to CORRODE. Imagine what it does to your nose if it corrodes metal?! & gives such bad nosebleeds… It drives people into hysterics. I’ve seen someone who was on it straight and awake for 6 daysd- she was uncontrollably shaking with twitching-twitch after twitch! She was so jittery and paranoid. It drives people insane. Almost everybody I know has now got insomnia from it & I’ve seen people have major arguments before because they can’t tolerate eachothers chattiness or because they get anxiety attacks because the other person can’t stop fidgeting. It stinks like cat piss and is probably the best drug other than crystal meph for rotting teeth. Whenever I’ve done it, its really affected my STM- I can’t function atall for days after it. I can’t rehearse what I’ve seen or done minutes before. I still can’t remember whayt I did at college last week! I think its just not worth it- I know this has all been biased but if you’re reading this, please stick to drugs which have had futher reseaarch in. The best I would say, being MDMA- simular affects but majorly different under the surface. I personally think mkat is worse than narcotics like ketamine (really saying something!) Stay safe when you do decide to do drugs, try to ensure you’re taking something you want (not like coke…but mixed with ket! :/ ;)) futher more-its really important that if u wanna associate with drugs KNOW their names! Mepthadrone and mephadone sound really simular but arnt! I also forgot to mention that I’ve had excruciating pain in my temples everytime I’ve done mkat. Be carefull, learn from others mistakes. Don’t risk it!

  100. C. Helen says:

    i have taken mcat many times and each time i have danced all nite and been very unusually confident and chatty evrn with people i did not no at all, but this time i did more and i have little ulcers on my top lip, i gound my teeth so much it hurts when i bite, and my jaw and my neck just hurt, i think its amazing when your on it and would say to anyone try it once but dont over do it because it makes the buzz u get off it wen ur taking it not worth the symptoms you get afterwards …..x

  101. Normal says:

    When those to boys died of MCAT (NOT CONFIRMED) 16 people across the UK died of Alcohol related incidents. Did the goverment ban alcohol, NO… for obvious reason 1 being the UK is an island of alcoholics. The goverment band a substance with out doing any research into the 2 deaths or the drug itself. VERY NORTH KOREA!!! MCAT had been around for 7 years and the goverment had done nothing about it but when to 2 young boys died they had to put the blame on something and MCAT was the easiest solution, this made the goverment look pro active!!! Are you telling me that if the UK legalised MCAT it would be any worse!!! No how much people end up in hospital and waster police time due to alcohol abuse..LOTS. Now they are spending more time trying to stop the dealing of MCAT. Make it legal there would be no increase in deaths, the time that MCAT has killed more peolple than alcohol then we should ban it!!!

  102. Robo says:

    ***** READ THIS*****

    So you think MCat is all good.. i thought the same thing when i first had a dabble, and the second time, even the third… but the fourth and LAST time was extremely different.

    I went round to an old friends house where everyone was wiped out and passing the dvd case around with this stuff, thought to myself yeah its not bad, why not aye. As the night went on i took more, drank more and the rest of the nights a blurr.

    I woke up the next day and felt dodgey as ya do but thought fuck it, it will wear off, wont it? i was off swimming in river with a loada mates so we all met at my house, when i sparked my first fag of the day up i took three drags and that was it… i felt as if everything had just crumbled around me! I felt really panicky, scared, proper paranoid, anxious, and my heart was off far to quick for me to keep up with!! … i wept as i told my girlfriend that i had taken it and how scared i was, she stayed with me as she shooed everyone off.

    I explained how i felt and how i wanted an ambulance n that but she told me to go to sleep and see if it goes, i was still weeping as i said ‘what if i dont wake up’ ……….
    i finally got to sleep and woke up l8a on in the afternoon. few days of a bad head n that and then i felt fine.. didnt i ??

    i’d say about 6 weeks later, i had a random panic attack. never had one before appart from the mcat comedown, i went to the docs sweating, shaking and stuttering as i told the doc what i felt and what i thought had caused it.. mcat, and they agreed.. there is nothing else it couyld be! am 21 and i got put on beta blockers for a month to slow my heart rate down which was 110bpm at the docs!!
    I was signed off work for two weeks with anxiety. I now go threw stages of feeling good, and feeling shite, never myself!!

    my head is absolutley mashed from taking mcat, i get paranoid, dizzy, shakey, tired, weak, anxious, depressed, i go pale, have to leave work, i carnt drink anymore as this makes it worse for the following day.

    even 6 months on i dont feel myself, iam still in and out of the doctors and thy have no answers for me as nobody knows enough abou it!!

    you want to go out and take this stuff, you’ll do as you do i aint here to tell ya not to, am just saying that you dont know what this stuff does to ya till its to late.

    some of you will probly be laughin n thinkin what a faggit he is haha .. but mate u come back to me when it happens to you, ya’l need someone to talk to

  103. EM DAWG says:

    I have tried Meow beffore, on a couple of occassions, and I have to admit, it is the best buzz ever!
    HOWEVER, the first time I tried it, I had the smallest line and thought I was going to die, I couldnt walk properly because I felt so spaced out, when my friend had calmed me down I was fine and carried on doing it. I would never do it when out though, you get paranoid really easily, I hate people touching me or looking at me for too long.
    Apart from that though, it is a great buzz. I don’t think Id ever do it again though.
    Another thing, the people that have died from taking M-Kat have also taken a previous cocktail of drugs that night. I would reccommend taking it with anything else.

    Heres a parting though, my friends and I were sniffing and got a bit silly in our student flat, we put a pile of meow on a piece of bacon….within 15 minutes there was a hole BURNT through it.

  104. EM DAWG says:

    Another thing, taking Meow with alcohol is an extremely bad idea, I have always been in a safe house and never out and about when taking it, but it made me and my want to do stupid things, he trashed the whole kitchen!! It also makes you gurn like mad, many people Ive seen on it have even forgotten their names.
    Im not saying NEVER take it, the most Ive ever done is a gram in a night and my jaw was swinging, I didnt have a bad come down but I didnt sleep for 2 days and couldn’t eat. My advice is; less is more.

  105. G.U says:

    A bit of advice aswell, if your going to try it for the first time, PLEASE make sure you are somewhere safe, an environment that you know and you are with friends who will not leave you.
    I have seen many sights when out, girls (and boys) who have no control, who have had to have ambulances take them away because they have been too panicky.
    When you sniff meow, its like sniffing needles, and it doesn’t get any easier, first time I tried it I panicked because it hurt, I turned to my friend with my jaw swinging, pupils massive, feeling like everything was going really fast and told him I didnt feel good, he made everyone leave the house and made sure I had calmed down before I did anything, needless to say I didnt go out that night. What made it worse though was a couple of my friends were gurning and their hands went all funny, being on meow, it freaked me out, my friend that was comforting me then began to get paranoid thinking people were trying to climb in our windows. These are all common feelings you get with meow, so don’t panick too much, NEVER TAKE IT WITH PILLS/KET/ANYTHING ELSE for that matter. It wouldn’t be safe. Despite all the panicking and no matter how much your friend is making you feel uncomfortable/panicky/whatever, and your out in a club, NEVER EVER leave them. Stay with them.
    And dont drink too much water. You feel sick after a while.

  106. EFT says:

    A bit of advice, if your going to try it for the first time, PLEASE make sure you are somewhere safe, an environment that you know and you are with friends who will not leave you.
    Meow can be very addictive when your sniffing it, the wonderful buzz seems to wear off quickly but the large pupils and grinding jaw still remain, you feel tired but your brain won’t let you go to sleep, for your first time (now Im no expert here BUT) Id advise only a couple of small lines in a safe house and with friends, in a place you can feel comfortable. People on meow can sometimes think they’re heros, so keep all sharp objects away and hidden. Try and deter people from doing stupid things like jumping down flights of stairs or cooking or moving heavy objects. This can be disastrous.
    I have seen many sights when out, girls (and boys) who have no control, who have had to have ambulances take them away because they have been too panicky.
    When you sniff meow, its like sniffing needles, and it doesn’t get any easier, first time I tried it I panicked because it hurt, I turned to my flat mate with my jaw swinging, pupils massive, feeling like everything was going really fast and told him I didnt feel good. He made everyone leave the house and made sure I had calmed down before I did anything. Needless to say I didnt go out that night. What made it worse though was a couple of my friends were gurning and their hands went all funny, being on meow, it freaked me out, my friend that was comforting me then began to get paranoid thinking people were trying to climb in our windows. These are all common feelings you get with meow, so don’t panick too much, NEVER TAKE IT WITH PILLS/KET/ANYTHING ELSE for that matter. It wouldn’t be safe. Despite all the panicking and no matter how much your friend is making you feel uncomfortable/panicky/whatever, and your out in a club, NEVER EVER leave them. Stay with them.
    And dont drink too much water. You feel sick after a while.
    Im not judging people who have taken this drug/are still taking this drug or saying people should never try it/stop taking, I still do it every few months. Im just saying you need to be aware of how it will make you feel before hand, in VERY RARE cases people have died over m-kat alone (THIS HAS TO BE CLEAR, the government were making it seem as though people were dying after sniffing just M-Kat, they didnt give you the real hard factc!), mainly due to overdose, or an allergic reaction (which is NOT common), people that have suffered severe consequences have been taking other drugs along with meow such as pills, magic, and other drugs that slow your heart down i.e. Ket and weed. Both lethal combinations.
    My boyfriend does meow along with Ket and pills every now and then. He gets chest pains and severe palpatations, Im not saying these problems are soley to do with his drug taking habbit, but they certainly contribute.
    So, just be careful when taking, no more than a couple of VERY small lines for your first time as the purity of the meow changes from dealer to dealer.
    In the mean time, enjoy your lives, and don’t get bogged down by all these horrid stories, take it in moderation.
    Less is More. FACT.

    One last thing, there is a new variation of meow out. I can’t quite remember what its called, but I wouldn’t even go there. One of my friends reads chemistry at University and studied the chemical formula for this drug and it is known to cause severe seizures if large quantities (lines) are taken at the one go, and thats without taking any other drugs aswell as this new one.

  107. steph says:

    i have mcat and i get a gud buzz off it, i also feel really bad the next day chest pains,feels tight when im breathing,headaches and also when ive taken it,dizzyness and sicknes.I have also gone about 3 weeks without food coz when ur on it u dont feel hungry and smoke twice as much as i normally would,so ye the buzz is gud at he time but u suffer for 2 to 3 days after takin it so really its not a gud thing to do.

  108. connor says:

    Well, For all you who say “MCat is really bad for you” ..Well Im not going to preach and say its exactly one of your five a day, but there’s nothing I find more annoying is when people say, “ohh why you sniffing plant fertilizer?” ..Well for a kick off, its Not plant fertilizer, it just contains the same chemical compound which you can make it out of, just say for example, a piece of wood.. You can make a chair or a bed.. its the same thing, you can make fertilizer out of mcat, but its not actually fertilizer, so if you think that then in all fairness, you need to get a fucking grip.. no offence or anything like, ..But Yeah at first Mcat seems mint, build its very addictive! it ruined my fucking life onit, and now, its gone so wide range and global and being mass produced, people saw there was profit too be made, thats where greed comes in and dealers want to make more money, so they cut it.. So what you think is Mcat is no-doubt your grandmothers crushed up prescription tablets what she just waited in a Que at boots for! ..Take it at your own risk, dont ask how much you should take as people will be telling you there experiences, and everyone is different and is affected differently! so if you get told information and are wanting to try it, only use the amount as a guide line what other people suggest, you yourself should know how much you want you can handle, its okay in moderation i guess, like anything though, we all have hobbies and things we love todo, ..Some Stand out side there corner shops on Saturday night with trackies with hot rock holes in them, asking if you will go in the shop for them, some people like to fuck in bus-shelters, some watch eastenders, or the majority, of us like to get absolutely off our fucking pickle! 🙂 be brutally honest, ive not got a fucking clue what im on about, i had five pills tonight, 3rd degree gurns or WHAAAAT! absolutly off it, got bored, had a search in google, booooom eneded up on this page, so thought it’d be nice to leave a comment.. and for who ever reads this and thinks what the fuck is that lad on about,” well i’ll just throw it out there, ..(i was going to type something eles but looked shit when i read it back to myself.. ..WTFFF! ..anyway, stay safe, and rememeber the key thing to remeber is, if your going to absolutely smash drugs, dont end up like me! talking shit on the internettt to chinease girls about buying them a visa…! add me on faceboook if you want infomation on drugs, Fuck talk to frank, ..and pablo, hes a prick aswell! talk to meee! conradFM – giving you the latest and greatest about the birds n the bee’s and the slags on the streeeeeeeeeeeets xxx

  109. Ashley says:

    I want everyone to listen. yesterday my friend died from this drug. he had taken wayy to much and died of a heart attack. it was the most scariest thing ever he was fitting his eyes went wonky he had blood gushing from his mouth because he bit his tongue off and his arms were crippling and going all weird. my boyfriend tried giving him cpr but he must of been having the heart attack while he was fitting. imagine the pain he was going through. 😥 i was with him that night and now hes gone because of being so stupid with this drug. he had sniffed coke and drank too aswell so mixing it creates a lethal substance.
    i have had this too. it smells and is yellow and my left eye went wonky and for 4 hour i couldnt move my eye. i was lucky. it scares me even thinking about it. the night i took it people said i was like i were possessed and batterd a guy and ended up with a GBH charge and high blood pressure low blood sugar levels and i have now been diagnosed with a panic disorder that now dominates my life.
    this drug and cocaine ruined my life. its ruined my whole life and so many others. we all cant believe it. if you take it and take too much or mix it you are at SERIOUS RISK. DONT BE STUPID AND LISTEN TO PEOPLE. MKAT KILLS. DRUGS KILL.

  110. Gav says:

    I got tricked into having this the other day, (never even heard of it before) A friend purchased some sniff, me being on the rave scene here and there for years I assumed the usual.

    ( I always knew “sniff” as coke ) anyway I sniffed a bit off a door key, this rancid stuff made my nose piss with blood INSTANTLY! for about 20 minutes! later told it was MCAT not COKE, I must admit it was a strange high but not worth the pain and blood! imagine sniffing glass through your japs eye! DO NOT DO IT PEOPLE ITS RANCID STUFF!

    Also coke is no better kids stay away from both at all times! you never know what’s in it.

  111. Harry says:

    mcat is the BEST drug i have ever done tbh!
    similar effects to MD and Coke, but with a much bigger rush!
    i had a bit of a comedown for the next 2 days, but that just consisted of over-thinking things and feeling disassociated with everything.
    i had a gram and had one of the best nights of my life!

  112. Pod says:

    READ THIS. 🙂
    I’ve taken many different drugs in my 18 short years. I could write a list but there’s no need. Heroin is about the only thing I would never try. Anyway, in relation to Mkat. I’ve been taking it for the last 9-10 weekends, with many different friends. And I’ve found that it, like most drugs, affects people in different ways. And not wanting to sound boastful (don’t take this the wrong way) when me/mates take drugs we take loads. One experience of mine is when I spent £250 on it. Was the second time I’d tried it. The high is quite something, I can’t lie, but for me personally (and this isn’t true of all experiences) the ‘comedown’ was a nightmare. I’ve decided that I’m not going to do it again because of this. Anyway, as I was saying the ‘comdown’… I felt really hot but my skin was freezing to the touch, and then in a matter of seconds I would feel freezing cold and start shivering, yet my body would feel very hot to the touch and sweating bucket loads. Also, I must add the uncontrollable desire I felt once I’d ran out of this stuff, that I wanted to get more and more. In my opinion, that’s when you know you have to stop.

    In conclusion. Although this is an example of my own experience. I have been with people who have experienced absolutely no ‘comedown’, and none of the circulatory effects. And having tried it almost a dozen times, I’ve never experienced, or witnessed any mates experience, any hallucinogenic effects. Some stories I’ve read, for instance the one about a lad ‘ripping his scrotum off’ I cannot bring myself to believe. But then, I suppose, like I said, it can affect different people in different ways.

    MY ADVICE 🙂 Taking into consideration my own, and mate’s experiences, I strongly suggest that you stay away from it. If you cannot control yourself, then I suggest you take it with a responsible friend and ask them to keep a close eye on you before taking it.

    ULTIMATELY: Stay away if you can find the will power ! It aint worth the ‘comedown’.

    Good luck. Jack Pod.

  113. Mcat says:

    Mcat wiked man!! Derz nofin bettr than it! Makes u feel wiked n happy n horny n just wiked man!! Omg itz beautiful am telin ya! Been havin it fr ovr 1 year nw. Ma kidneys kinda killin tho. I need atleast 4-5gramz to last me 24hourz. At first ol a needed waz 1 line n ad b buzin all day bt nw am abit of a smakhed lol! Nt reali bt if I feel I need a buzz il buy 4gramz. Dnt hv it ol d tym bt jst wn a feel lyk it. Try it agen peepz itz gawjus! Bettr thn anytin youl eva experience trust me iv experiencd evrytin n mcat jst killz it am telin ya! I LOVE MCAT ! ! !

  114. suesam says:

    been taking mcat for about a year now always having great time was always powder but a few months ago started getting crystal form.Noticed i was gettin sore eyes quite abit after being on it.Then 2 wks ago my left eye became very swollen painfull and blurry vision.went to docs on the thurs then had to go to A&E on the fri woke on the sunday and couldnt see a thing out my eye it was a mess and looked v nasty was rushed bak to the hospital only to be transfered to another hospital to see a eye specialest they didnt know what was going on but said it was defo like a bad reaction to something ALSO I havent had a normaol blood result since Jan should i tell my doc what i have been taking?not had any since being at the hospital and my eye is on the mend xx

    • prswooz says:

      Someone else responded to this post with that it was a wile back so sooo not going back through the posts right now its half past midnight…past my bedtime!!!!

  115. Jack B says:

    Hi all, i stupidly took this drug for the first time a week ago. I was very stoned and drunk at the same time (how, i dont know!) and it didnt really do much but just made everything feel more extreme. My mates said that it wasnt doing much because i had been smoking grade and drinking aswell. I only did two lines, and guessed that was why. Anyway, last night i went round my freinds house and tried it again, and also this time i had had 2 spliffs and 5 shots. I felt really good after the first few lines, but TRUST ME. When the nice effects wore off, i felt like dying. My heart was racing, and i couldnt breath properly. I was led down on my own whilst everyone else was doing it and feeling good. Everyone said take more and the feeling will be good again, but after seeing some of the people there that do it regularly, i strongly grew a hatred for it. It is a very dangerous drug, and i warn you that if you do for whatever reason try it, be sure to be with another person that you trust that has either done it loads of times before, or isnt going to try it. Seriously, take the advice on this website and have a good think about it. Mcat isnt all what its made out to be.

    If your old habits are good enough, stick to them. Why danger yourself by trying to get more and more of things. At the end of the day, why be greedy when you enjoy safer ways of feeling high?

  116. CjD says:

    I have been taking illegal drugs for over 20 years, less so in the past few years but that is opportunity slipping away from me as well as my desire to take drugs diminishing simply because I am getting older and life is generally slowing down. There is also the issue of not being able to get hold of them as easily.

    Me: I am 40 years old and run my own business. Married, 1 child. Drugs taken in order of frequency: mcat, e, crystal, acid, coke, hash, weed, speed, some other research chemicals

    At some point in the future all drugs will be legalised. Prohibition of alcohol in the USA was a disaster. Prohibition of other drugs Worldwide is also a disaster and future generations will look back on it with the same amazement as we do at the idea of banning alcohol.

    Yes, drugs can cause problems, but educate users (just like with smoking), keep production and distribution in the legitimate economy, let adults make their own decisions.

  117. Gary says:

    i took it a few times around last year n was fine and felt amazing it does give you a really great buzz but!!! one time i took it n my arm kept wanting to swing up in the air and i felt really horible n retarded so i tried cutting the grass n it just kept swinging up so i went home n drank loads off water and tried to sleep it off but couldnt get to sleep for hours but did eventually n felt really crapfor about 3-4 days after it so try it at your own risk but my advice to you would be DON’T DO IT!!! its not worth it life is more important thn taking drugs!!!

    • Djpaddy says:

      I have tried many drugs in my teenage years, the most recent being MKAT, I use the same dealer to get anything I need, I can’t say I’m addicted to anything, I will do drugs maybe twice a month, 3 at the most. I have tried MKAT about 6 times, the second time I tried it I did 3 lines and had a good high and was fine, the other 5 times I did 3-4 lines and it did absolutely FUCK ALL, it’s shit, maybe the stuff I get just isn’t that pure but I get a better high just off weed! I’m not a heavy drug user, I do them all in moderation when out with a few mates to have a good time and meet a few girls! I don’t take anything anymore apart from smoking the odd spliff every couple of months, my suggestion is try it in small amounts, if it doesn’t do anything, quit while your ahead, the more of it you will take the more you will damage your body without realizing.

  118. unknown says:

    I take Mcat as a weekend thing, I know who I get it off and sometimes see it get made, I know whats going into it, and the percentage of mephedrone that goes into it. Most of the time its done at 98.9% mephedrone, which is more than likely more than any other in the uk. So this is strong stuff, I have taken 20 grams to myself over the course of a 4 day bender with no sleep. It’s all about the mind, I find that drugs are mind over matter, I’ve had experiences that people could call bad experiences but strangely I like them. We usually start off hitting a 2g line to get the massive buzz kicking in, then just sort of top it up as we go along. Those who don’t think its as strong as I say, it really is that percentage. Not only that I’ve tried mcat at different places over the country and have never had it as strong as this.

  119. nath says:

    i get right on this stuff at the weekend
    and go through at least 10 bags a night.
    cleanest drug you could take no one dies from this its all rubbish

  120. JAPPA says:

    Hello i have read all these replies and i still think its an alright drug i rather it to any other drug exept cannabis because that’s my favorite. i do about 5-6 g in one night of MCAT if you need to stay awake Use MCAT

  121. Claire Hunkington says:

    Hiya, read all your comments about ‘how great’ it is, fucks my head up. Last night I tried my first ever line of mcat. My nose was burning, my head felt like It was on fire, my eyes were watering so bad everyone thought I was crying. 5 minutes later I felt on top of the world. It started to wear of so we racked up another line. Sniffed it all, and my hands and legs started shaking, I couldn’t breath my chest was tighening. It was horrible, I was breathing like darth vader!! I then started throwing up. Atleast 3 times? We started walking cus I needed to and my eyes were rolling back into my head and I felt like I was going to faint, I went all dizzy and just felt like complete shit!

    Where’s the fun? I had work the next day at 8am and I literally could not be bother, I had a coffee and felt no better, had a fag and felt worse. Everytime I went to get something to eat I felt sick. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    I’m going to stick with bud! I don’t get any of this.

    Its not like I sniffed to much, I had 2 lines, one about the size of my little finger and then another the size of my middle finger. About half a gram, maybe abit under.

    I felt awful, I was so embarrased because everyone knew. I am only 16 years old,and I generally thought I was going to die and so did all my mates – the worst part is they havnt stopped, they are still sniffing mcat because its so cheap and easy to get hold of!

    • C w says:

      Tried it for the first time Saturday night. I probably never experienced the full effect, as I had already been drinking a lot, taken coke, MDMA and half an e pill, so was off my face anyway. From what I can remember though, I would describe it as being similar to MDMA, but a little bit trippier. When I think back to that night after taking it, I could easily be recalling a dream. i can picture everything and events after taking it but they seem like a really distant memory or like I’m remembering a dream. we stayed awake all night, everyone got emotional and loved up like u do on MDMA. Come down wasn’t to bad. Difficulty sleeping, for couple of nights wasn’t s proper sleep. My brain was constantly ticking over and having strange dreams. Bit of a sore throat, and felt like jaw had been broken through gurning. But also I had a hangover from booze too. Like someone said on here, most drugs can make u really Ill if u can’t control your thoughts or you get anxious. I don’t look into things too deep now like I used to. O ignore the odd heart flutter, cos if u don’t u WILL end up in A and E wired up to monitoring machines convinced that you are going to have a heart attack. Would I do it again? Yes, but in very short doses. Anything that is toxic to Ur body in large concentrates is dangerous. But anyone with heart or liver problems, dont bother. Also if you have mental illness don’t bother. Infact don’t bother all together, but If your gonna try it anyway, remember – little doses.

  122. Martin Moxon says:

    Hi, My name is Martin, I am 42. Ive done drugs on and off since I was 15 from a bit of puff to LSD and chasing the dragon. Four months ago after chasing some coke someone sold me some mcat. Its a lot cheaper mate but it’ll get you off your tits, go on then, I’ll try a bag…….. £30 gives you an eighth and its bang on. out of my tits all night long. Four months later………………… seeing a private psychiatrist…………..its the worst shit I’ve ever done in my life and the best at the same time. If you want that high do heroin because you dont have the come down and if you want to just get fucked do whiz. The only thing I can say to you people out there who want to do mcat treat it with respect and never reccomend it to a friend, Lots of love, Martin.

  123. leigha seeley says:

    I’ve been takin mkat for over a year I’ve had a few side affects been up for a week n snorted 35 grams if not more between me n two friends our heads were in bits I lost my job I also come out in a rash sumtimes aswell n bleed wen go to the toilet its a great buzz tho n like last nite was up all nite n had about 15 grams it always makes me want more n more smoke n drink loads even tho my friend ended up in hosp we still av it every weekend and carry on sumtimes thurs till following week with no sleep I can’t imagine not having drugs I love it I feel ill sumtimes but other times fine everyones different

  124. DanWar says:

    I’m an injector of mcat & definitely addicted. At first the experiences were all good, positive. Over a period of a month & half to two months paranoia started creeping in. As my consumption grew my side effects worsened to: depression, suicidal thoughts, things crawling under my skin & mild hallucinations. I so desperately want to quit this drug but there’s no substitution as methadone is to heroin; there’s little to no help anywhere. I fear I’ll be trapped in this nightmare until I commit suicide! HEED THIS WARNING – 5 MONTHS IS ALL IT TOOK TO DESTROY MY LIFE!!!

  125. LisaFM says:

    Mcat is the worst shit anybody can get into! simple as. My hubby has been doing it for about a year and is one hell of a mess mentally. He caned it for months and is now paying the price – so am I as I am living with the agression, the vile moods and depression that this shit has caused him. Hes seeing a psychiatrist but its not really working. Leave the fucking stuff alone as it will cause you and those around you so much heartache. What starts off as being a laugh soon turns in to a screaming nightmare. LFM

  126. bambi says:

    i am a 21 year old girl and took my 1st line about a year ago it made me feel the best for a short time now every night i wana kill myself i have major depresstion nd my friends have almost ended up in a mentol home its not worth ruing your live stick to coke this shit is fkin lethol and WILL RUIN YOUR LITTLE LIFE!! dont listion to ppls bullshit about its gud yea its gud but not good enough to throw everything away worst mistack of my life so plz dont do it

  127. rich says:

    took this shit 2 nights ago, had a great buzz and it kept us up till the next day. 2 days later and i still feel shitty, can’t shake the feeling of mild depression. i’m no stranger to drugs and getting fucked up on various combinations, but i wont bother with this crap again. i would rather double drop some good old fashioned acid (if i could find any). leave it alone people, get some proper drugs, at least we know enough about them to know exactly what the side affects are.

  128. MrMshizzle yawww says:

    I have been sniffing mcat now most weekends for the past 6 months
    Iv got to say its 1 ov the best and cheapest drugs iv had
    On the other hand it is also the most dangerous
    I have a lot of friends who sell and sniff it and believe me the dealer makes a hell of a lot ov money
    From us “sniff heads”
    I have had few bad experiences on it but I have
    Seen things before my mate thought he could fly
    Turns out he cudnt LOL he wasn’t hurt though
    Me and another friend only 2 days ago decided we were dinosaurs
    We were later arrested after walking around growling at random people
    I then made the mistake of biting an officer
    Who to my suprise laughed it off and let me go with just a caution

  129. meerkat says:

    My expiriance
    I have been taking meerkat now for 2 years aprox it started off just on a weakened with a few mates. With in 1 month i was on it almost everyday at work. It seems to have a different affect with me as it dose to others that I know. As in I work much much harder and it gives me loads of motivation. I function normally also and most don’t know that I am on it. The only ones that do know are the ones that know I take it so can tell when I am and when I am not but thats not always. I can go undetected most times. Where I was working my supplier was 5 minutes away and this was extremely bad for me. After 6 months I was on a 3g a day habit I would Finnish it by 5 pm so that I could sleep through the night. This was if I could sleep. I never thought meerkat was addictive at all and I could stop when ever. I am still taking the drug and my longest time awake so far was from 7 o’clock 1 Tuesday morning and then slept 6am saterday morning. Why i ask my self I am not taking the drug with friends I am taking on my own at home with my partner. My partner doesn’t drink smoke or do drugs. I can now say that I am in a mess. I am not short tempered or violent. My side effects that I think are caulsed by the drug are pains and pins and needles in my let arm and pains in the back of my legs as if blood serculation is affected. I have no sence of smell anymore and almost no nose hair left. When I have sleep after a binge usually 24 hours after I start to fee like what I can only explain as electric shocks going from the bottom of my back straight through my shoulders into the back of my heead and down to my elbows all in 1 shock. This feeling is not nice at all and can be very strong at times. This is worst when laying down. I can feel these shocks up to 5 days tilI they fade away I don’t know what it is I can only guess it is my nervous system. I wish i could get out of this mess so if there is any 1 out there with advice pls leave you comments Thankyou !

    • David says:

      Hey, I have been having mcat for about a year and a half, like you I also thought I wouldn’t get addicted I was very anti drugs but for some reason stupidly went down the mcat road!

      I use to get it free from a friend and also started once a week, just about a gram but then use to have 3day binges every so often not sleeping eating or drinking much while on it! Early days of the drug I thought yes I’ve found this wicked drug but what new users don’t realise this drug gets bad, I call it the devils drug because it slowly takes a hold of u! U think your not addicted at first so u carry on taking but then gets to a point where u feel u need it or u even fool yourself thinking i won’t get hooked so just keep having it till you are.

      It got in the way of my uni because I was having it during the week so around that time I stopped for max 2 weeks which was an achievement for me around then considering I had it once a week and sometimes in between.

      I’m now trying to stop for good!!! I mainly replie to say you know the electric shock feeling u got and the pins needles numbess I got that to and it’s fukin scary the shock thing! What made me wana stop I was reading about how people get like epeleptic fits and I thought that shock feelig could be similar it’s almost as if I had to fight off the feeling tho while it was about to happen or happening. Also the circulation thing really worried me cuz really we don’t know what we are doing to are bodies!? What will it actually take for us to stop, I’m trying my best … Having the dealer so near to u don’t help I deleted all dealer numbers .. Urm…also think To life before mcat u didn’t need it then, try n go back to that state the comedown started to out weigh the high for me by miles!! Which is another reason I wanted to stop….u Gota do it for yourself tho mate and frm what ur saying ur heads in the right place u wana quit but r just finding it hard….I think it’s more of a mind over matter thing and it’s overcoming the mental addiction of thinking u need it…and cuz ur so use to it. I know some people smoke weed instead to help em stop that may work, but yh….u just Gota do everything u can to stop Kate now is the time don’t wait for some future date do it for yourself and for your own health and well being! Duno if this advice helps at all but just rember u ain’t the only one goin thru this mate this drug is nasty and I would never recomend it to anyone!!!
      Good luck!!!! U can do it mate trus me….post back on here and let me know how it goes tc

  130. jay says:

    Be careful what you write because not everything you say is true. Yes it is bad for you ill give you that. but it doesnt make you think you can fly or cause you to hallucinate. Its just a stimulant similar to energy drinks. Also methodrone has been round for a while so its not some unknown chemcial which doctors dont have a clue about. I know from experience (when it was legal) and you only assume this from negative, bias information you recieve.

    In a nut shell I definitely DONT recommend it. At the Day its really not good for you, but dont feed these people a load of crap thats going to make them think there life is over after one line.

    I have friends who cant hack it, and it takes over them, but this is really the odd person, 99% of people i know control it. You have more people that cant hack alcohol and become alcoholics. Im successful and have a good profession and i did it on and off, but i dont crave it. And if like the chaps that took 5 grams that your own bloody fault, no wonder you were having panic attacks. im sure youd get the same result downing a bottle of salt. know your limits!

    So really yes it is bad for you, but so can the salt and alcohol.

    Again i really dont recommend taking it because it is bad for you. But i want you edcuate you from experience rather than a load of crap that you hear on the news and from people that write these posts and assume all drugs will kill you and make you think you can fly!

    • ACanOfWorms says:

      Jay, I have taken the drug before with both friends and on my own (only to go to clubs) and some of the people who have been with me have indeed hallucinated. I had a friend convinced that she had a dead man in her room and another man with a mask facing her. This drug DOES effect people in different ways, and if your brain can imagine it then it can be hallucinated.

      My experiences on the other hand have been great, I can talk to anybody and am incredibly confident, though not in an arrogant way, more in an all-encompassing loving way. Having said that, I can feel its addictive tendrils working their way through me…

      I would recommend people to either NOT try this drug or research it first AND do it with friends in order to maintain safety. This shit could be laced with anything. Open the can of worms with caution.

  131. jamey says:

    I agree with what you are saying I leaving a comment as some one who has took it once but will never again. Il tell you my story I had no idea what it was but my friend said it was legal so thort hey it can’t be that bad I took it on a Friday and now its Monday and I still can’t focus on anything right and mind still don’t feel right. At the time a cheep high but its not worth it. My oppinion is that it should be re classified as class A

    So if anyone is reading this don’t do it trust me if you have taken any drugs befor this one to keep well away from

  132. Why! says:

    I’m not very knowledgable on this m-cat but I am learning n fast.i recently learnt my little brother has been taking this stuff after 3 weeks he stopped but then we had a phone call he was in ae n had taking a overdose to kill himself. He now has to see a psychiatrist n have drug councilling, he’s a person I don’t recognise anymore this is heart breaking, people who do this drug do not relies the affect it has on the families. Now we have to pick him up n sort him out or next time he might be dead, I don’t understand why people want to put their body through this trauma it’s bizarre, all that come down and depression how can you function properly in society with a bashed up head.

  133. Megan says:

    I have took mkat quite alot recently and i have to admit its quiet addiktive, but when i took it the forst time i was just chatty i was fine on it but i took it again a few weeks ago and i went through 2 grams just myself infront of my mates and my eyes started shaking i couldnt feel my legs so my mate told me to go outside and run run as fast as i could and my heart wid get back to normal well it did but i ran 4 miles on it then i got back i was still exstreamly bad was really really worried anyway i still after that bad exspierience still take it again and again i took it the other day and i was fine on it to be honest if your going to take it take one SMALL line only a small like and dont take any mre untill you calm down off your first one ido it this way and im fone i have a line every morning to keep me awake, but this drig does mess woth your head i still sit here some days and can feel my jaw swinging and my head still feels like im on it it messes with you big time yes take it justdo not abuse it please not like i did at first

    • David says:

      I’m not one to talk because I’ve been on this once a week for almost 2 yrs and really want to stop. But a line every morning doesnt sound healthy, sure u can find other things to wake u up like a good breakfast? Only saying because it’s early days for u on this drug the bad side effects creep in later on and maybe u think u need it every morning to wake up but actually u don’t? Sorry don’t mean to sound like a nag I just culdnt imagine havin a line every morning. Take care

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